New Year But The Same Old games!

To The Editor:

It is 2016 on the calendar but in the Oswego County Legislative chambers  you would think it was still 2015.

The games that were being played in 2015 are now in OT.  This is the second OT and almost ready to go into Sudden Death.

The first play called in OT by the majority caucus was a Quarterback Sneak! (That is the play where in the huddle one play is called but when you get to the line of scrimmage the quarterback taps the back of the center and the ball is hiked).

In this case, it was a promotion with a raise. (Sounds a little like Onondaga County).

The problem with this is the fact that we just passed a budget and this wasn’t in that budget.

In the 2016 budget the Central Services department had a budget line for a Director of Central Services at a cost of $68,839 (Down more than $20,000) and a Senior Computer Programmer of $65,972.

Now less than a month later the majority caucus has announced the appointment of an interim director of Central Services at a pay of $71,253 Increase of $2,414).

The upgrade went to the Senior Computer Programmer who was making $65,972. In less than a month that person received a $5,281 raise. Not bad.

This problem is so intertwined that it would be easier to find the second end to a single string of angel hair pasta on a plate of pasta.

I will make the end simple.

This raise should have been included in the budget we voted on less than a month ago. This upgrade should have been in the budget we voted on less than a month ago.

Neither of those things happened.

These types of plays being called when more than 600 people are about to lose their jobs is unacceptable.

Words of Wisdom:
” The problem isn’t that people are taxed too little. The problem is government spends too much.”

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.