New York Governor 2010

Here is the story!
My name is Edmund M. Dunn and I will be running for New York State Governor 2010!

As a resident of Up State New York I am asking for your help to rebuild our country, bring our jobs home and save the American Dream! For to long we have watched and accepted job losses, seen unemployment rise and wages not keep up with inflation! For too long we have accepted the loss of our manufacturing to other countries only to be replaced by lower paying service sector / retails jobs that as children we once did, but now as adults we do!
For to long we have exported the US dollar over seas which only serves to leave us as a nation unemployed, finical weakened and vulnerable.
I know each and every one of us has been affected over the past several years by loss of jobs, high taxes and poor decision by country club politicians that know very little about us the working people! I am here to let know you are not alone, you will be heard, I am YOU!
I have been asked who am I to stand up and run for New York Governor.
I am a resident of the great state of New York, married with four children and I do drive a pick up truck.
I have been asked do I have millions of dollars.
My answer is no. But I do have one thing, millions of hard working People like You and me!
I have been asked Who is Ed Dunn?
Cross between Tim Allen on the Home Improvement Show & Dave the movie.
But unscripted & unrehearsed, the real deal a blue collar American that believes in the American People.
Where one Vote, Your vote can and will make History! It time for us to stand up & be heard!
It time we the blue collar workers do what we do best, fix a machines that is broken!
WE are asked what we need, the answer is JOBS!
There are things to build and done and now is not time for layoffs!
I have been asked what of Freedom Towers where once the World Trade Towers stood.
They will rise up from the ashes in memory of those who perished. They will be a testimony to the world that we are strong. No longer will the world see us empty. If elected Governor I will go to Ground Zero and live not in hotel but in a construction trailer and dig by hand until they are built. Yes they will come the politicians embarrassed to see their Governor dig and when they do I will give them shovel too and as we dig they will get the message. BUILD!
What of Albany and the budget.
I will turn to the auditors and request a full accounting , I will find & cut wasteful spending and look to cut taxes that have driven so many from this state.
It is time once again for people to look to future and say “I Love New York!”, But sadly to say not today the way it is run
I have been asked what party do you stand for, Republican, but it’s not about parties, it’s about the people, YOU, and together WE can make the years to come our BEST.
“Let’s Get it DUNN”
Thank You
Edmund M. Dunn for New York Governor, 2010
To learn more about ED Dunn do a Goggle search, “Ed Dunn for Governor NY”