New York Ranks 3rd in Hunting, Fishing and Trapping in Nation; Upstate Counties Rank High in State License Sales

By Assemblyman Will Barclay
As fall weather settles upon the area and the colors change, for many that means one thing: the opening of hunting season is here.

Upstate New York has some of the best hunting, trapping and fishing in the country with thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and millions of acres of forest and open space rich with wildlife.

Those who venture out to hunt and fish tend to appreciate and often help conserve our area’s natural resources.

Outdoor sports also help our state, regional and local economies.

The state estimates that consumer spending on these activities totaled more than $5 billion in 2011, the last year data was available.

Nearly $1.9 billion of that was spent on trip-related purchases including transportation, food and lodging.

About 2 million people hunt, fish and trap in the state ranking New York third in the nation for the number of sportsmen obtaining licenses and permits.

Only Texas and Florida issue more licenses.

Upstate New York counties including, Oswego, Onondaga and Jefferson counties, are among the top 10 counties in the state for total hunting and fishing license sales.

New York is also a destination for many who take part in outdoor sports.

It’s estimated that 20% of the revenue collected from license fees in the 2013 license year was from out of state residents.

Data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Census Bureau indicates there also was a significant increase in the number of New York residents who hunt and fish from 2001 to 2011.

Increasing Opportunities for Youth

In 2012, New York’s first Youth Firearms Deer Hunt was held on Columbus Day weekend.

This has since become an annual event, thanks in part to legislation that passed to expand big game hunting for junior hunters (those 14-15 years old).

The annual weekend took place again this past Columbus Day holiday.

The expansion of big game hunting for our youth helps keep deer population in check and gives families an opportunity to hunt safely together.

Prior to New York enacting the youth hunt, New York families were taking their kids out of state because bordering states allowed youth big game hunting.

Now that New York has youth big game hunting, it is a great opportunity to provide young people the chance to learn from an experienced, licensed hunter so the sport continues and the next generation learns at an earlier age about the sport and appreciating nature.

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  1. Like me alot of older people just stop hunting and fishing because of the way over price increase in license fees, thats why their bringing kids in to hunting, but they to will learn that N.Y. state is in it for the money not the people, people like will barclay wont even let people fish in the water that runs behind his mansion,,

  2. Ken, while I agree with your statement that the fees are too high and that NYS is in it for the money, you lost me when you mentioned Mr Barclay’s property. YOU WOULD HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF: Why the Hell would he allow people to fish on HIS property? People littering, Not respecting his privacy not to mention the Liability if one were to get hurt (and yes, there ARE sue happy folks out there) Tell you what sir: you buy property on a body of water and invite strangers to fish there and I will retract my thought.

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