Nine Arrested at Field Days in Hannibal, Williamstown

Police arrested nine people over the weekend at the county’s two volunteer firemens’ field days.

At the Williamstown Field Days, the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department alleges that William A. Knapp, 29, of 7 Chinook Lane, Altmar, hit a woman with a chair at about 8:25 p.m. Saturday.  Police say he was ordered to leave, but refused.  He was then arrested and police allege he resisted and threatened to kill the officer and burn down his house.

A Town of Williamstown justice released Knapp without bail.

The next day, police leveled more charges.  Deputies allege that during Saturday’s arrest, Knapp pushed a man to the ground and kicked him in the back and pushed a man onto a stroller carrying a 15 month old baby.

Knapp was issued appearance tickets for the new allegations.

Knapp is charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault and a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child as well as violation counts of trespass, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession and a violation count of assault.

Friday night at about 11:00 p.m., police arrested Victor T. Kelley, 18, of 22 Pulaski St., Altmar; a 17 year old girl from Manlius; and a 17 year old girl from Albion.

Police making a late night check of the Williamstown Field Days grounds allege they found the trio in a dugout at the baseball field.  They were charged with marijuana possession and released on appearance tickets.

At the Hannibal Field Days, police had to use pepper spray to bring a fairgrounds fight to an end.  Police arrested Bryan M. Burridge, 21, of 3 Lake Shore, Fulton, and Cory J. Smith, 21, of 326 Idlewood Blvd., Baldwinsville.

Police allege Smith resisted so hard that they had to use pepper spray to subdue him.

They were ticketed for disorderly conduct for the Friday night fight.

Also at the Hannibal field days:

  • Kenneth P. Forsythe, 18, of Rathburn Rd., Bldg #508, Fulton was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, criminal sale of marijuana and marijuana possesion at 9:38 p.m. Thursday night;
  • Kyle J. Grover, 20, of 14359 Martville Rd., Martville was charged with disorderly conduct for being ordered to leave the fairgrounds Thursday night, returning, and shouting obscenities as we was escorted out again, according to police.
  • Sarah M. Murphy, 22, of 8255 State Route 104, Oswego was charged with disorderly conduct.  Police allege they broke up a fight between Murphy and another woman at 10:20 p.m. Friday and Murphy contined to kick and scream as she was escorted off the field.