Nine Mile 1 Shuts Down After Valve Malfunctions

Nine Mile Point
Nine Mile Point 1 and 2 nuclear plants.

Constellation Energy’s Nine Mile 1 nuclear power plant in Scriba shut down automatically this morning after a part malfunctioned, the company said.

Spokesperson Jill Lyon said that at about 10:56 a.m. Wednesday, a main steam isolation valve closed on its own.  The malfunction caused the reactor to begin an automatic and orderly shutdown.

Lyon said the shutdown went according to plan and the plant is in “a safe and stable condition.”

No radioactivity was released during the process, she said.  The incident has been reported to federal regulators.

The valve has been reopened and Lyon said workers are “seeking to identify why the valve closed.”

No date has yet been set for the plant to return to making power.  Lyon said the reactor will not be restarted until all work related to the shutdown is complete.