No Bail for Bailey, Accused in Chocolate Plant Break-in, Child Treatment Case

Jeremy W. Bailey
Jeremy W. Bailey

A judge in Fulton today refused to set bail for Jeremy Bailey.

Bailey, 22, of Oneida St., moved to Fulton from Florida a few months ago and a prosecutor suggested he could be a risk to flee if freed on bail.

Bailey is accused of burglary, conspiracy and grand larceny.  He’s alleged to be the oldest of a group of 9 young men to break into the closed Fulton Chocolate and Confections plant on June 28.

A police report of the incident details the items that were allegedly taken in the break-in:

“1 yellow cargo strap, NY Chocolate paper work, 4 gas masks, Kodak Printer and Docking Station, 16 white cotton gloves, 4 blue latex gloves, 1 clear plastic self charging flashlight, 1 yellow Rayovac Flashlight, 4 padlocks, 1 seagate hard drive, 1 modbus plus adapter, 7 electrical breakers/contractors, 4 CPU graphics cards, 13 diskettes, 5 “non-food contact” signs, 3 lock-out tags, 2 RD Ram Samsung 256mb memory sticks, 13 RAM memory sticks, 1 motorola radio, 1 leather glove, 3 brown gloves, 1 black glove, 1 3M mask, 1 pager, 1 small plastic yellow flashlight, 1 silver flashlight and case coleman brand, 1 memorex CD with New York Chocolate Business card, 8 Seargant Keys, Key rings with multiple keys, 1 3m mask filter, 1 Quantum hard drive, 2 PC cards, 1 Energizer Hard Case Flashlight, and 1 Fiber Optic Transceiver Centre Com MX26F.”

Police used a search warrant to get into Bailey’s home to look for evidence in the break-in.  There, they alleged they found Bailey’s 19 month old daughter suffering from neglect, malnutrition and possibly abuse.

The report of the incident says that in the refrigerator, there was only butter and some condiments; no food.  He and the girl’s mother, Melissa Nichols, are also accused of having no crib, no toys and insufficient clothes for the child.

Police allege the child had a cigarette burn as well.

The couple is accused of endangering the welfare of the child.