No Record High Temps Yet – It Just Feels That Way

OSWEGO, NY – Unlike the Syracuse area, Oswego hasn’t seen 90 degrees since last September.

However, thanks to the sweltering humidity, the temperatures in the 80s the last four days feel like more than 100 degrees.

“We haven’t had any 90s this year,” said Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. “It just feels that way.”

Kharma, a 3-year-old Rottie, cools off in Lake Ontario as she plays “rock hockey.” He owner, Dale Thompson, says she loves to kick around the smaller rocks in the water. And, she also picks up her favorites and then lines them up on shore.The Port City just missed matching a record high on Friday as the mercury topped out at 87. The record is 89 degrees in 1999.

“We’ve still got Monday,” Gregway said. “Syracuse is predicting record highs in the mid-90s. We might break 90 as well.”

The record high for today (June 9) is 91 degrees set in 2005.

“It’s still early. Only about a week ago we were still rather chilly,” Gregway said. “If we’re going to hit 90, June is the time we usually start.”

It’s also a bit early to have overnight lows in the 70s, he said. Saturday and Sunday were 72 and 70, respectively.

The last time it hit 90 degrees was Sept 7, 2007 (93 degrees) and the next day when it hit 91 degrees.

The top two record highs for May are 94 degrees, set on May 30, 1879 and 93 degrees, set on May 31, 1875.

The top duo for June is 98 degrees, set on June 22, 1888 and 96 degrees, set on June 28, 1941 and tied on June 25, 1952 and June 21, 1953. A record of 95 degrees was set on June 30, 1878.

July saw the only triple-digit record on the books for the Port City with a reading of 100 degrees registered on July 1, 1878.

The top records for August are 98 degrees, set on Aug. 22, 1883, and 97 degrees, set on Aug. 4, 1881. The other top records include 96 degrees, set on Aug. 11, 1944, and 95 degrees, set on Aug. 3, 1998 and another 95-degree reading on Aug. 13, 1947.

For September, the top mark is 96 degrees, set on Sept. 4, 1953. October could only muster 86 degrees (Oct. 6, 1937) for its top record.

Health officials suggest people take it a little easier in the heat and humidity.

And, it is especially important for young athletes to increase their water intake and eat a balanced diet, among other things, they say.

Those doing any type of strenuous activity in the heat and humidity should be aware of the weather conditions. And listen to what their body is telling them.

If you suffer from cramps, get into the shade and rest for a while and have some water to drink.

Massaging the cramped area can help, too.

Someone suffering from heat exhaustion will have cold, moist skin and might also feel dizzy among other symptoms.

You might even faint up to a half-hour after you’ve stopped whatever activity you were doing, health officials caution.

Heat stroke is a true emergency.

It is life-threatening and the victim should be taken to a medical provider as soon as possible, according to health officials.

Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include a high body temperature, hot and dry skin, confusion or irrational behavior, and nausea or vomiting.