Northern Ace Home Center’s New Owner Gives To Fulton

To The Editor:

Anyone who drives by Hulett Park in Fulton can see the new play equipment.

Not as obvious is all the construction materials that were required.

Mike Browngardt, the new owner (and previous general manager) of Northern Ace Home Center on Route 3, donated the wood and the concrete, because he knows that parks are important for our families.

When he heard about the park improvements, he instantly offered to help because he wants to make a positive impact.

He is making a positive impact, and we are inspired by his profound community spirit.

Thank you Mike, and thank you Zach Gulliver for making the deliveries with a smile! You are friends of Fulton parks.

Kelley Weaver, Friends of Fulton Parks

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  1. It’s because of businesses like Northern Ace Home Center and others along with volunteers like Kelley Weaver that good things get done in our community.

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