Not All Heroes Wear Capes

To The Editor:
It seems like lately we don’t hear enough “good news” or good stories.

We hear plenty of news regarding negativity, people suffering misfortune and insurmountable struggles abound.

So when a story is brought to our attention that encompasses the spirit of self sacrifice and subsequent victory over adversity, we need to stand and take notice.

Such is an occurrence that was recently reported by CNYCentral that happened recently and resulted in a celebration of joy out of the ashes of tragedy.

On January 5, 2020, tragedy struck 22 people in an apartment building on Cayuga Street, here in the city of Fulton.

Jerry Trull and his significant other, Dorothy Adams, were home in their apartment located inside this very building when they smelled smoke and realized the building was on fire.

Mr. Trull and Ms. Adams promptly evacuated and that is when Mr. Trull says he heard the screams.

The screams of a 10-year-old child who appeared to be trapped inside.

Mr. Trull, with zero regard for his own personal safety, went into action and attempted to go back into the building to help the child.

Being overwhelmed by the smoke, Mr. Trull was forced to go back outside.

Staying level headed and without missing a beat, Mr. Trull enlisted the assistance of a couple of neighbors and proceeded to smash out the window that the child was trying to get open, gaining access to her.

Mr. Trull helped pull the child from the burning structure and she was ushered to the safety of responding fire and police personnel.

Firefighters evaluated her and she was determined to be OK.

Mr. Trull’s quick actions very likely helped to save the life of the child and showed his compassion for others.

Mr. Trull is an inspiration for us all and I am proud to have him as a fellow citizen in our district.

Mr. Trull, I salute you.

Thank you for your heroic actions and for helping to avert further tragedy.

Your community is proud of you!

Ralph E. Stacy, Jr.
County Legislator – 25th District

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  1. Nothing like re-reporting the news. If this is what we are going to get out of our County Legislator, we are in trouble. All this was already in the news story.Great job of plagiarizing Sir.

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