Novelis Disputes Court Filing to Overturn Employee Vote

ATLANTA, GA. – Novelis expects that the National Labor Relations Board will file a 10(j) injunction in the coming days in an attempt to order the company to bargain with the United Steelworkers.

Novelis strongly disagrees with this action and has issued the below statement.

“The employees at Oswego Works voted to remain a non-union operation in a lawful and democratic process,” said Chris Smith, plant manager of Novelis Oswego. “Despite the clear preferences of our workers, the United Steelworkers refuse to accept this decision and have filed a series of claims with the National Labor Relations Board.

These claims are without merit and have falsely accused Novelis’ management of unfair labor practices. This latest filing of a 10(j) injunction to ask the court to ignore the results of the election and force us to recognize the USW as the bargaining representative of our employees is irresponsible.

This attempt violates the core principles of the democratic process. The USW should not be judicially declared as the winner of an election it lost. In our view, this action by the USW does not respect the free choice made by our employees.

Our commitment to our employees is evidenced by the unprecedented investment we have made in Oswego Works and the five-year business plan announced in June. This plan ensures that all employees will share in the future growth and stability of our company.  We are the only North American manufacturing operation, including those represented by the USW, to make such a commitment.

While the efforts of the USW come as no surprise to us, it is simply unfair to force the employees of Oswego Works to be subjected to a process that they have voted to reject. We have a responsibility to fight for their choice and will use all available legal options to prevent their decision from being ignored.”