Novelis Supports Oswego County P-TECH Program

MEXICO – Novelis recently made a significant financial contribution to the Oswego County P-TECH program at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation to aid in the acquisition of educational tools and supplies to maximize the students’ hands-on learning.

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Representatives from Novelis along with Oswego County P-TECH students and staff recognize their partnership, giving thanks for a recent financial contribution from Novelis to the program.

P-TECH (Pathways in Technology for Early College High School) is an innovative career development program in advanced manufacturing for high school students in Oswego County.

The P-TECH model is built on partnerships that have been established with the nine Oswego County school districts, industry partners (including Novelis, Huhtamaki, Sunoco, Davis-Standard and The Fulton Companies) and Onondaga Community College.

The goal of P-TECH is to provide relevant, real-world learning experiences in advanced manufacturing and to support students through their high school and early college years to earn an associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology or Electrical Engineering Technology.

Novelis plays a major role in the success of the program serving, along with the other industry partners, on the program’s governance team, which meets monthly in setting the vision and direction for the program.

In addition, Novelis employees serve as mentors to the P-TECH students throughout the 5-6 years the students are involved with the program, as well as, collaborating with P-TECH instructors in developing curriculum, learning experiences and presenting to the classes.

“As a P-Tech industry partner, we are very excited about the opportunity to participate in the P-Tech program,” said Novelis Plant Manager Kevin Shutt. “As what we do here at Novelis becomes more and more precise and important to our customers, the skills needed to meet the demands of our customers are increasing daily. We are in need of people who have the technical and professional skills being taught at P-TECH, and having the opportunity to help the P-TECH students not only understand this, but also help them acquire these skills will prepare them for the high paying jobs that are available at Novelis.”

“The partnership between CiTi and industry partners like Novelis makes a positive impact on the lives and education of students involved in the Oswego County P-TECH program,” said P-TECH Principal Bill Lynch. “This pathway coupled with mentoring and a focus on developing proficiencies in professional skills, students will acquire the skills necessary to obtain employment in the manufacturing field upon graduating from the program.”