Novelis to Present James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ at Oswego Kartway

OSWEGO, NY – Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions and Oswego Kartway are proud to announce that Novelis will present the James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ at Oswego Kartway on August 30, with guaranteed prize money to all 14 drivers that take the green flag in the two-segment, 44-lap main event.

The James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ Super Heavy karting event, which will run as a part of the Kartway Classic, will pay $372 to the top three finishers with a minimum of $35 to start the main event.

“We’ve had so many great friends and colleagues step up to be a part of this special race, honoring our good buddy James,” said race promoter, Dan Kapuscinski. “Novelis, Eagle Beverage and Barzee Automotive are the latest to join us and we could not be happier to have them on board. James would be very excited to see a race like this put on for the heavier kart drivers, as you don’t see it very often. We thank everyone for their support.”

Thanks to the help of Novelis, Oswego Kartway, Mike Babcock Racing, Slack Karts, Performance Manufacturing, Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions, D&S Landscaping, Jim and Ken Hart, Jamie Shutts, Eagle Beverage, Barzee Automotive and more; a host of contingency prizes will be awarded alongside the guaranteed purse.

Bonus prizes of $20 to $25 will be awarded to the night’s B-Main winner, the first non-qualified driver, the main event’s hard charger and hard luck driver, the 10th fastest qualifier, as well as a random position to be drawn in the driver’s meeting.

Lap money will also be posted throughout the event with $5 per lap going to the leader of laps 1-22 and $10 per lap going to the leader of laps 23-44.

Thanks to Eagle Beverage and other donations, a six-pack of Budweiser will go to each starter of the main event with a six-pack also being awarded to the leader of laps 23-44. Fast time, the halfway leader and the B-Main winner will also receive a six-pack of either Budweiser or Bud Light. Drivers must be 21 or older to earn any beer.

The ‘Double Deuce’ will be a big-pipe, drum clutch, Super Heavy (200/400) Clone event and will run as an addition to the weekly Kartway lineup at the Classic.

Honoring the Shutts Racing numbers of 2/22, the ‘Double Deuce’ will be contended over the course of two 22-lap segments making for a 44-lap event paying a guaranteed $222 to the winner of the second segment thanks to Mike Babcock Racing.

The overall winner will also receive a James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ machined trophy from Slack Karts and Performance Manufacturing.

Qualifying time trials will set the initial lineup for the ‘Double Deuce’ with the quick timer earning $122 from D&S Landscaping.

The field will then contend in the first 22-lap segment of the event with the segment one winner earning $122 from Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions.

Following the first 22-lap segment, the segment one winner will draw a pill number of 1-6 to determine the number of karts that will be inverted for the final 22-lap segment.

If the number one is pulled, the event will restart straight up from the segment one finish.

Any other number will designate the number of karts to be inverted, with sixth being the furthest back the segment one winner can start.

Drivers finishing seventh on back in the first segment will restart the second segment in the same position.

The halfway break will last long enough for the pill draw and a drink of water for drivers, with no changes allowed to karts prior to the start of the second segment.

All karts will stop for the break on the Kartway’s back straight away, closest to the main grandstand.

A $35 entry fee will be required.

All Oswego Kartway rules and regulations will be followed.

For more information on Oswego Kartway be sure to visit online at

James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ – August 30 – Oswego Kartway
Super Heavy Clone (Driver 200 pounds/Overall 400 pounds. – Big Pipe – Drum Clutch) – $35 entry fee

Two-lap Time Trials to determine starting order ($122 to Quick Time from D&S Landscaping) – 10 lock in
One 10-lap Consi will be run to fill 14-kart field
Main event will be comprised of two 22-lap segments
Segment one winner earns $122 from DKMP, will draw pill one to six to determine inversion for Segment two
No changes allowed during break
Break will be no longer than five minutes
Segment two winner is overall winner and earns $222 from Mike Babcock Racing, second $100 from Jim Hart, third $50 from Oswego Kartway

James Shutts Memorial ‘Double Deuce’ – Purse Structure

1st – $222
2nd – $100
3rd – $50
4th – $45
5th – $40
6th through 14th – $35

Lap Money:
$5 per lap to leader of laps 1-22
$10 per lap to leader of laps 23-44

Fast Time – $122
Halfway Leader – $122

Contingency Money:
A-Main Hard Charger – $25
A-Main Hard Luck – $25
Random A-Main Finishing Position (drawn at drivers’ meeting) – $25
10th Fastest Qualifier – $25
B-Main Winner – $25
First Non-Qualifier – $20

Budweiser or Bud Light Six-Packs: (Must be 21 or older to earn these prizes)
One to each A-Main starter
One to leader of laps 23-44
One to Fast Time
One to Halfway Leader
One to B-Main Winner