November 2009 Was Very Warm And Dry

OSWEGO, NY – It hadn’t snowed in several months. Thanksgiving felt more like Mother’s Day.

November 2009 goes into the record books almost 5.5 degrees warmer than average.

A squirrel frolics among the fallen leaves during one of the many pleasant days last month.
A squirrel frolics among the fallen leaves during one of the many pleasant days last month.

“The average temperature last month was 46 degrees,” according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. “That is 5.4 degrees higher than normal.”

The highest temperature was 70 degrees on the 9th. The lowest was 29 degrees on the 7th.

There were no records set; but there was a near record on the 9th. The record is 72 degrees set in 1931.

While he hasn’t checked all his records, Gregway believes last month will wind up as about the fourth warmest November since 1844.

There was 1 day with the temperature was 70 degrees and 1 day where it got up to 61 degrees.

“November had 18 days where the high was in the 50s,” Gregway said. “That’s what blew it away and gave us the warmer than usual month.”

There was 1 overnight low in the 20s (29 degrees) – the first hard frost came on the 7th. The low was in the 30s 11 times.

Total precipitation for the month was 1.69 inches.

That’s 2.78 inches below average, according to Gregway.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 0.69-inch on the 27th.

Since the first of the year, precipitation stands at 33.94 inches.

That is 5.91 inches below where we should be at this time, Gregway said. Only 3 months this year have had above average precipitation, he explained.

There were 9 days of measurable precipitation last month; 4 of them were in a row. A trace was recorded on 4 days and 17 days saw no precipitation at all; that included a streak of 12 consecutive days (the 7th to the 18th), which Gregway describes as our Indian Summer.

November had a trace of snow fall on 3 different days. However, that left the month 9.1 inches below average.

For the winter, snowfall is 9.5 inches below average.

The area saw 45 percent of the possible amount of sunshine last month. That is 21 percentages above normal.

The number of cloudy days, 17, was 5 below average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 10, was 4 above average.

The number of clear days, 3, was 1 above average.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.51 on the 11th. The lowest was 29.54 on the 27th.

“The first two-thirds of the month was all pretty much high pressure, which gave us the nice weather,” Gregway said.

There were no thunderstorms or foggy days last month.

The strongest winds were northwesterly at 25 mph on the 5th and 28th.

“There really wasn’t a whole lot of wind last month,” Gregway said. “There were only 5 days where the winds were 20 mph or greater.”

The average temperature for November is 40.6 degrees. The warmest was 48.3 degrees in 2001 and the coolest was 30.0 degrees in 1933.

The coldest November temperature is -1 degree on Nov. 30, 1875. The record high is 78 degrees on Nov. 8th in 1938 and 1950.

Average precipitation for November is 4.47 inches. The wettest is 9.03 inches in 1963 and the driest is 0.45-inch in 1904.

The greatest precipitation in 24-hours is 3.25 inches which fell on Nov. 30, 1963.

The snowiest November on record is 1976 with a 36.9 inches total.

The least snow is zero in 1966; the only time that has happened. Including November 2009, there have been 4 that have had just a trace.

The greatest November snowfall in 24 hours is 14 inches in 1897.