Nutrition, Facilities, Transportation Budgets Presented at Fulton BOE Meeting

Man next to slideshow presentation.
Al Crump presents on facilities and transportation updates.

FULTON – Last night, Feb. 11, school nutrition program and facilities/transportation budgets were presented to the Fulton City School District Board of Education during its meeting.

Kathy Nichols, director of finance, presented an update on the school nutrition program and Al Crump, director of facilities, operations and transportation, presented an update on this year’s budget and requests for the next academic year.

The total number of breakfasts and lunches served throughout the district schools has increased greatly within the past three years. 

  • 2017-2018 academic year – September through December:
    • Breakfasts served – 44,713
    • Lunches served – 105,398
  • 2018-2019 academic year – September through December:
    • Breakfasts served – 78,123
    • Lunches served – 146,119
  • 2019-2020 academic year – September through December:
    • Breakfasts served – 101,697
    • Lunches served – 162,108

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the district began offering free breakfast and lunches to all of their students using Community Eligibility Provision funding. Each child is able to eat both breakfast and lunch for free. The schools also offer meals with dietary restrictions such as allergies.

Superintendent Brian Pulvino praised every employee in the food service department for their positive attitudes, especially since the staff has not increased after the new program was introduced.

The school nutrition’s total expenditures for 2018-2019 was $1,589,562 and its total revenues was $1,748,538. This year’s budget is expected to equal its revenues – $1,860,200.

Nichols said the school nutrition program fund balance is healthy at $374,783.

The district will also be looking at replacing kitchen equipment, which was discussed to be old. 

Following the food service department’s update, Crump presented his update on facilities, operations and transportation. 

Crump said facilities has increased accurate reportings of work orders and decreased overtime costs by finding ways to get work orders done during the school day. 

He also gave an overview of projects completed throughout this year, including updating playground ground covering to make it ADA compliant at Lanigan and Granby Elementary Schools. 

Actual facilities expenses for 2018-2019 totaled $4,567,913 and this year’s current budget is $5,262,672. There is a total of 53 employees on staff of the facilities department.

Next year, Crump said the facilities department is requesting a one-ton pickup with a plow for $45,500, a sub compact tractor with a bucket and snow blower for $25,000, a Kubota utility vehicle with a snow blower for $28,000, and a replacement dump box for $11,000.

Crump also presented on the transportation department. The 2018-2019 actual costs exceeded its anticipated budget, $4,384,813 and $3,920,400 respectively. The current budget for this year is $4,071,350. The budget includes a contract with Golden Sun Bus Service, salaries, vehicle maintenance, fuel, insurance and software. Golden Sun provides 69 vehicles and the district has 13 vehicles. 

Crump said the transportation department will request next year’s budget to reflect increasing fuel costs and two new vans for $64,500.

The full agenda for the Fulton City School District BOE can be found here. All resolutions were passed 4-0-0.