NYS Environmental Facilities Corp. Approves $2 Million Grant for Town of West Monroe Sewer Improvements

The board of directors of the Environmental Facilities Corp. has approved a $2 million grant for the new Toad Harbor Sewer District and other sewer improvements along Oneida Lake in the Town of West Monroe.

The $2 million grant will significantly reduce the town’s costs in constructing the $9.96 million project. EFC has also determined that West Monroe is eligible for up to $8 million in interest-free financing through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

“This project would have cost West Monroe thousands of dollars in additional interest costs if the town had been forced to borrow on its own,” said Matthew J. Driscoll, EFC’s President and CEO. “The Environmental Facilities Corporation is the arm of New York State government that helps smaller communities such as West Monroe to take on major investments in their drinking water and wastewater systems. By improving water quality and protecting the health of their residents and the environment, West Monroe’s wastewater improvements will provide opportunities for the community to grow economically.”

West Monroe Supervisor John Messere said, “We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to the EFC Board of Directors and Mr. Driscoll for making the funds available to our project. This project has huge benefits to the environment by bringing wastewater treatment to the lake front properties and the funding package allows us to complete an otherwise unaffordable service for our community.”

The sewer improvements in West Monroe include the installation of a sewer collections system in Toad Harbor. A low-pressure force main across a portion of Oneida Lake, along with a grinder pump station, that will connect the new Toad Harbor Sewer District to the town’s Big Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In addition to improvements to the treatment plant, the Big Bay community will also have its sewer system improved with new grinder pumps that are less apt to fail. The new pumps will replace the 150 grinder pumps now shared by some 315 dwellings.

EFC manages the largest State Revolving Fund for Clean Water and Drinking Water projects in the nation. Together, these State Revolving Funds have provided more than $15 billion in low-cost financing and grants for water-quality infrastructure across New York State.

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  1. Because of The Problems that Weare having with the Waste Disposivel at My Location at 62Kellar Road My Wife and I feel that a New Grinder Pump needs to be put in atOur Location. We have had this on going problem for some time now and We feel that it needs to be Addressed. This problem needs to be corrected,We have had to come up with out of Pocket Money on a Few occasions to correct the Problem that is going on. We have been advised to see if We could contact You and see if this Problem can Be Addressed. We were advised that new Grinder Stations would be put in around Our Area and We feel that We would be better Served with one of These New Grinders. We would appreciate it if A Representitive would look into addressing this Concern that We have. We would appreciate it if Your agency Would Look into this Matter on Behalf of My Wife and Myself.

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