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September 24, 2018

NYS Recognizes Three APW Varsity Athletic Teams

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association has recognized three Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Fall Varsity Athletic Teams through the Scholar/Athlete Team Award Program.

APW Fall 2013 Varsity Soccer Team.

APW Fall 2013 Varsity Soccer Team.

To receive this award the team average must be 90 percent or higher during the season.

The 2013 fall teams and the individual athletes receiving the award are: Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country: Andrew Hale, Jared DeMarais, Masato Wada, Brandon Sebelowitz, Sage Bartlett, Joseph Karboski, Kenneth Benedetto, Anthony Haywood, Zachery Mosher, Matthew Miller, Benjamin Haskins, Amanda Barry, Chelsea Cooper, Jeri Barber, DeShae Jones, Devin Jones, Sara Nelson, Brianna Karboski, and Erica Spencer.

APW Fall 2013 Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Cross Country teams

APW Fall 2013 Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Cross Country teams

Girls’ Soccer: Kylee Bartlett, Jena Booth, Cassie Cooper, Maggie Cooper, Emilie Mullin, Shaylah Nichols, Kathleen Palmer, Ellen Parker, Amber Rice, Megan Ruffos, Eric Stever, Rachael Thormann, Sarah Pappa, Rhiannon Plantz, and Lindsay Rollson.

The district would like to congratulate these athletes and their coaches: George Parker and Kara Perkins (Girls’ Soccer) and Grant Decker (Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country).

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