OCAY League Students Show Oswego County Some Love

Oswego City School District earns first-place medals in OCAY League’s “County Love” themed competition.

When referring to local tourism, what often comes to mind is tourist attractions like fishing, museums, outdoor activities and festivals such as Harborfest.

Oswego City School District earns first-place medals in OCAY League’s “County Love” themed competition.

However, students competing in the Oswego County Academic Youth League were challenged to look at local tourism in a different light.

A large part of tourism relies heavily on an area’s business and economic portfolio, including everything from geography, accessibility and tax rates to local policies and regulation.

Student teams from throughout Oswego County were asked to consider all these things in order to create a mini tourism campaign.

Central Square School District takes second place.

Though a series of individual quizzes and group activities, teams were challenged to utilize their knowledge of Oswego County to create a travel brochure and promotional commercial, designed to attract businesses to Oswego County.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the competition’s contenders was that no digital storage devices were allowed throughout the competition.

Teams could not use cell phones or laptops to look up information and had to rely solely on their pre-existing knowledge of the county.

Performing their commercial live for a panel of judges, acting as representatives of major corporations looking to relocate, each group tried their best to win over the room through a variety of creative props and catch phrases.

Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central Schools came in third place.

Oswego City School District took first place with members Carson Colucci, Cole Cullinan, Joseph DelConte, Nicole DelConte, Daniel Emmons, Abby Faul, Molly Fitzgibbons, Dayla Kinsizer, Julia Roman and Tori Tripp.

Central Square School District came in second place with members Josie Colaccico, Brad Curry, Braden Eiffe, Faith Farley, Logan Foster, Matt Herrmann, Marissa Hilton, Jake Lovenguth, Dylan Panipinto and Matt Stevens.

Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District took third place with members Amelia Auringer, Autumn Baum, Vincent Bresha, Ainsley Brouse, Trevor Johst, Mike Kinney, Katie Trumble, Jessica Wiggins, James Winnie and April Wright.

OCAY League is coordinated through the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation’s gifted and talented program.