OCAY League Travels Back in Time for Second Event of the Season

MEXICO – The Oswego County Academic Youth League completed its second event of the season on November 15, which was themed “The Rebirth of Knowledge.”

The event took place at the Department of Environmental Conservation training facility in Pulaski.

For this event, students explored the rebirth of human knowledge that took place from the 1300s-1600s in Europe and beyond.

Tasks centered on art, architecture, scientific discoveries, literature and culture.

Tasks included recreating famous pieces of art, such as Michelangelo’s David. They also performed a non-verbal sketch reenacting a famous scientific discovery.

“Each event is unique and inspiring. These students represent the best of Oswego County, and continue to impress and amaze at each event” said OCAY League Coordinator Matt Goodnough.

Central Square School District took first place with members Hayley Bell, Madison Domachowske, Liam Eveleigh, Michael Haywood, Kayla Horne, Dmitri Queior, Spencer Wells and Brad Curry.

Oswego City School District took second place with team members Nick Brown, Melissa Chun, Dakota Contryman, Nicole DelConte, Lauren DeVinny, Molly FitzGibbons, Andrew Noyes and Sophia Throop.

Hannibal Central School District took third place with team members Payton Gorman, Hannah Heald, Velvet Howland, Hannah Kuc, Rebecca Marsh, Sean Mason, Mackenzie Rice and Faith Smith.

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