OCO Fulton Center Offers Relief From The Heat

FULTON, NY – As the temperatures continue to hover around and surpass the 90-degree mark, Oswego County Opportunities is doing its part to help provide relief from the oppressive heat.

OCO welcomes seniors to come in from the heat and join them at the Senior Dining and Activity Center in Fulton.

Located in the Fulton Municipal Building on South First Street, the center is open Monday through Friday and offers seniors the opportunity to enjoy lunch and other activities in air-conditioned comfort.

“With the heat wave we have been experiencing this summer I want our seniors to know that we can offer them a reprieve from the heat during the mid-day hours,” said program services coordinator for OCO’s Senior Services Division, Trinity Engle. “Seniors are welcome to stop in anytime time they like between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to cool down, take part in our activities, and enjoy some free refreshments, including lemonade, iced tea, and cold water. Those wishing to join for a meal as well are asked to call in the day before so that we can have the lunch ready for them when stop in.”

While OCO’s Senior Dining and Activity Center is geared toward seniors who are 60 and over, all ages are welcome to stop in and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort.

For more information, call Engle at 598-4712.