OCO Physician Dr. Desravines Is A Healthcare Hero

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FULTON, NY – When Dr. Marie-Jeanne Desravines moved to Central New York in 2001 she intended to begin her medical career with a two-year commitment to caring for patients at Oswego County Opportunities’ health centers.

Dr. Marie-Jeanne Desravines (center) of Oswego County Opportunities was recently recognized as one of Oswego County’s Healthcare Heroes. Congratulating Dr. Desravines are Ellen Holst (left), director of OCO’s Health Division and Diane Blasczienski, coordinator of Patient Services and Quality Assurance for OCO’s Health Division.Seven years later, she is still at the job she loves, caring for patients at OCO’s Fulton Health Center.

Dr. Desravines was recently recognized as one of Oswego County’s Healthcare Heroes.

Established by the Oswego County Business Magazine and sponsored by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and Oswego Health, the Oswego County Healthcare Heroes awards are given annually to local health care professionals who have provided exceptional service and have made a real difference in their patients’ lives or in their organizations.

“I love my job and I love the people I work with,” said Dr. Desravines.  “You can find patients anywhere but to find a place where you really enjoy working with people, you can’t always find that. That is the reason I am still here at OCO. I enjoy caring for our patients and working with our staff of medical professionals.”

A native of New York City, Dr. Desravines knew at an early age that she wanted to be a doctor and help make people better.

“My grandmother lived with my family since I was a year old,” she remembered. “She had numerous illnesses, including diabetes and cancer and even suffered a stroke. My family and I were her primary caregivers. Dealing with that and caring for my grandmother inspired my to pursue a career in medicine so that I could help others with their medical issues. I enjoy caring for people and helping them feel better.”

Prior to joining OCO, Dr. Desravines completed her residency in family practice at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Working primarily at OCO’s Fulton Health Center Dr. Desravines sees patients from newborn to the elderly.

She enjoys caring for the patients at the health center and helping those in need.

“The availability to the level of quality healthcare that is offered at OCO’s health centers is very important to the communities we serve,” said Dr. Desravines. “We accept Medicaid and we also accept patients that do not have health insurance. For those individuals we provide services on a sliding scale fee that makes quality healthcare affordable.  We do not turn people way. We are always willing to work with our patients and see to it that they receive the healthcare and medicines they need.”

The care and concern that Dr. Desravines shows her patients was a deciding factor in her choice as one of Oswego County’s Healthcare Heroes, a recognition that she was honored to receive.

“I was very surprised when I found out that I was chosen as a Healthcare Hero,” said Dr. Desravines. “I was even more surprised to see that a patient had nominated me. It was a very good feeling to know that a patient thought that much of me.”

While Dr. Desravines may have been surprised, those that work with her saw her selection as a Healthcare Hero as well deserved recognition for a dedicated physician who cares deeply about the patients she serves and the people she works with.

“OCO Health was very pleased to learn that Dr. Marie Desravines had been selected as a Healthcare Hero for Oswego County,” said OCO Health Division Director Ellen Holst. “Dr. Desravines has provided primary healthcare at our Fulton Health Center for almost seven years. She also provides inpatient care to her pediatric patients at Oswego Hospital. She is a diligent, caring and committed physician. In addition to her routine tasks she serves as the primary care physician for the Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers in our area, providing evening primary health care during the growing season.  She was recently appointed to serve as the Physician Leader for our Fulton Health Center. Warm congratulations are sent to Dr. Desravines from all the staff here at OCO Health.”

Executive Director of OCO, Diane Cooper-Currier was pleased to see that the community recognizes the important impact that the medical staff at OCO’ health centers has on the population it serves.

“As a human service agency, OCO is defined by its employees. We are very pleased to have Dr. Desravines recognized for her work with OCO. Her dedication to her patients and the staff at our health centers is admirable. Her level of integrity and remarkable work ethic are representative of the caring medical professionals that staff OCO’s health centers in Fulton and Oswego and our satellite locations in Mexico and Pulaski. This community recognition of Dr. Desravines further supports our appreciation of our medical staff and the level of care that they provide for our patients. Dr. Desravines and rest of our medical staff do a wonderful job and I am pleased the local community shares this opinion,” said Cooper-Currier.

This year, 150 health professionals were nominated by community members and judged by a panel of five judges to determine the winners.

Each nominee was evaluated on the following criteria:

Career and Education, Awards and Honors, Community Involvement, Accomplishments and Innovations, and Overview.

Dr. Desravines was one of only 27 medical professionals to be selected as Oswego County’s 2008 Healthcare Heroes.

OCO operates two primary health centers in Oswego County; 10 George St., Oswego, and 522 S. Fourth St., Fulton.

Each health center provides quality, affordable, comprehensive health services in a sensitive and caring manner. Services offered include:

Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Migrant Health Care, Women’s Health, Health Education, Free Cancer Screening Services, Assistance with Health Insurance, On-site X-ray and Lab Services.

OCO Inc. is a not-for-profit Community Action Agency, supported by United Way, and includes seven service divisions – Senior Services, Transportation, Mental Hygiene, Health, Youth, Services to Aid Families, and Children’s.

For more information, contact their offices at 598-4717 or visit www.oco.org