October 2012 – A Walk on the Mild Side

OSWEGO, NY – October 2012 was cloudy and a little wetter than normal. But it was also warmer than average; continuing a streak going back to April of 2011, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

The average temperature last month was 54.6 degrees. That’s 3.5 degrees above average.

The falling leaves got whipped around, especially at the end of last month.
The falling leaves got whipped around, especially at the end of last month.

That is the 5th warmest since 1969, the year he assumed duties as the official observer for the National Weather Service, Gregway said.

The warmest October is 58.2 degrees – set in 2007.

The highest temperature last month was 75 degrees on the 25th. The lowest was 30 on the 13th.

We tied the record high on the 26th (74 degrees), Gregway added.

There were 5 days when the high was 70 degrees or above.

There were 4 nights when the low was in the 30; but just once was it below freezing.

“We had 2 days of beautiful Indian Summer, the 25th and the 26th,” Gregway said.

Total precipitation for October was 4.58 inches. That is 0.81-inch above average.

Precipitation since the first of the year was 30.16 inches at the end of last month.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 1.26 inches on the 6th.

October saw a trace of snow on the 11th and the 12th which left the month 0.4-inch below average.

The area received 29 percent of the possible amount of sunshine.

That’s 16 percentages below average.

“It was cloudy. We had less sunshine that normal. And yet, we came in on the warm side,” Gregway observed. “It was wet and mild.”

There were 18 days of measurable precipitation, a stretch of 5 in a row and a pair of 3-day streaks.

Six days had just a trace and 7 days had no precipitation including 3 streaks of 2 days in a row.

The number of cloudy days, 22, was 7 above average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 7, was 2 below average.

The number of clear days, 2, was 5 below average.

October had no thunderstorm days, which is 1 below average.

There was 1 foggy day, which is average.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, the lowest barometric pressure for October was 29.09 on the 29th and the highest was 30.46 on the 13th.

The strongest winds were north-northeasterly at 55 mph also on the 29th.