October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

FULTON, NY – Across the nation, people who work with victims of domestic violence, dating violence and sexual violence are planning and organizing events to educate the public, inspire action, and reach out to victims to inform them about services available in their communities.

The goal of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is to raise awareness about the prevalence, cost and burden the issue has on a community, the need for prevention education, and most important, the role that community support and involvement plays in addressing the issue.

Oswego County Opportunities’ Services to Aid Families Program, which is the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Service Provider for Oswego County, is asking for community members to get involved, speak-out against partner violence, support their program, and make the decision that we as a community will not tolerate the abuse of others.

According to the National Resource Center on Violence Against Women, domestic violence is the leading cause of serious injury to American women, more common than muggings and car crashes combined.

Every year between two and four million women are battered by their husbands or boyfriends.

These numbers don’t lie.

Domestic Violence affects all social classes, races, and communities; it could be your co-worker, neighbor, sister, brother, mother or best friend.

SAF is asking community members to take a stand, get involved, and help eliminate a crime that can have devastating effects.

The greatest challenge Domestic Violence Programs face is how to establish a common understanding of what domestic violence is, and how victims are affected by it.

In an effort to establish this common understanding, SAF founded the Domestic Violence Coalition of Oswego County, in 1990, to address the issue of domestic violence with representatives from law enforcement, the court system, the faith community, medical providers, and other community agencies.

While SAF is proud of the accomplishments achieved through the Domestic Violence Coalition of Oswego County, this October the program is reaching out to community members for assistance and support in eliminating domestic violence.

Maybe it’s as simple as giving someone the SAF hotline number, and letting them know that there is someone who will listen. Maybe it’s a donation to the program that will help a woman and her children furnish their new apartment after leaving the SAF House or even the time spent serving on a committee for SAF programming.

Whatever role community members play, it is important to addressing and preventing domestic violence.

During the month of October, SAF staff will be holding events throughout Oswego County to raise awareness, educate, and get people involved.

To see what you can do to help or to sign up to be a volunteer, you can contact the SAF Office at 342-1544.

To see a calendar of activities, visit www.oco.org

It’s time to get involved, help OCO make our families and community a safer place.

If you or someone you know of a victim, call the Abuse and Assault Hotline at 342-1600.