October Is Let’s Talk Month

FULTON – The Health Education program of Oswego County Opportunities would like to remind teens and their parents that October is Let’s Talk month.

This national campaign encourages parents and their teens to communicate about various sexual health topics. Since parents should be seen as a key player in their children’s sexual health and development, Let’s Talk month provides the opportunity for such communication.

Health Education encourages parents to reach out to their teens and young people due to the tremendous impact it can have on their sexual health and well-being.

According to Advocates for Youth, positive communication between teens and their parents leads to positive results including higher self-esteem, delayed sexual intercourse, less marijuana use and less emotional distress.

Research from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has shown that young people want their parents involved in their sexual health – roughly 40% of 12th grade girls say they still want their parents’ help in getting birth control after high school.

Health Education will be celebrating Let’s Talk month by hosting two upcoming parent education sessions in different locations – Pulaski, and Oswego.

These sessions will provide resources and support to parents who want to be good sexual health educators but may not be knowledgeable on the subject or know how to approach it with their teen.

On October 21, Health Educator Shannon Endsley and her trained peer educators will discuss how parents can enable their teens to independently access their own health care including doctor’s appointments, health insurance and filling prescriptions.

This session will take place at the Pulaski Fire Hall from 6 – 8 p.m.

On October 29, Health Educator Rachael Donovan will provide general information on LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) including definitions and ‘coming out’ communication tips for parents and teens.

This session will take place from 6 – 8 p.m. in OCO’s Midtown Plaza office in Oswego, next to Joanne Fabrics.

Anyone interested in learning more about these sexual health topics should feel free to attend. For more information, please contact Donovan at 342-7532 ext. 1640.

OCO’s Health Education is funded by the New York State Department of Health.

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OCO’s mission is to build partnerships that improve the quality of life and create successful communities.

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