October Was Cooler, Wetter Than Usual

October had some sun, a lot of color - and even a bit of snow.

October had some sun, a lot of color - and even a bit of snow.

OSWEGO, NY – October 2015 goes into the record book cooler and a bit wetter than normal, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

October had some sun, a lot of color - and even a bit of snow.
October had some sun, a lot of color – and even a bit of snow.

The average temperature was 49.7 degrees. That is 1.4 degrees below average.

The highest temperature was 76 degrees on the 12th and the lowest was 29 degrees on the 19th.

There were no records set last month, Gregway said.

October had 1 low in the 20s, the 29 degrees, and 1 high in the 70s, the 76 degrees, he added.

There were 7 times it was 60 degrees or warmer.

Four lows were 32 degrees or lower.

“The first 32 or lower that we had was 30 degrees on the 18th, the end of our growing season,” Gregway said. “The growing season ran from April 25 (32 degrees – last frost) through Oct. 18.”

That’s 175 days. The average is 182 days.

In 2014 the last day of the growing season was Nov. 14 – 208 days. In 2013 it was 190 days, but, in 2012 it was only 165 days.

Precipitation for the month came in at 4.05 inches. That is 0.28-inch higher than average.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 1.41 inches on the 9th.

Snowfall for October came in at 0.3-inch; all of which came on the 18th. That is just 0.1-inch below average.

There were 13 days of measurable precipitation – with a streak of 8 in a row.

Just a trace fell on 2 days.

No precipitation was recorded on 16 days. Dry days had streaks of 5 and 3 in a row.

There was 1 thunderstorm (on the 29th), which is average.

October had no foggy days, which is 1 below normal.

The number of cloudy days, 17, was 2 above average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 10, was 1 above average.

The number of clear days, 4, was 3 below average.

The area received 47 percent of the possible amount of sunshine. That is 2 percentages higher than average.

October’s highest barometric pressure was 30.56 on the 27th and the lowest was 29.42 on the 13th.

The strongest winds were west-southwesterly, greater than 35 mph, on the 29th during the brief thunderstorm, Gregway said.

“There were 2 other times (on the 24th and the 28th) where the winds were greater than 30 mph,” he added.

October 2014 was warmer (3.6 degrees above average), Gregway said.

The highest temperature was 82 degrees and the lowest was 36 degrees.

“There wasn’t any below freezing temperatures,” Gregway said. “Our growing season didn’t end until November in 2014.”

Precipitation came in at 3.15 inches.

The warmest October on record is 58.5 degrees in 1947. October 1925 (43.0 degrees) is the coldest.

The highest temperature in October, 86 degrees, was set in 1937. The lowest, 21 degrees, was recorded in 1972.

October 1955 is the wettest on record with a total of 10.10 inches; 1963 is the driest with a meager 0.14-inch.

The most precipitation ever in a 24-hour period for October is 3.01 inches in 1873.

October 1895 holds the dubious honor of being the snowiest – 10.3 inches. It also holds the record for most snow in a 24-hour period – 8.6 inches.

There are many Octobers that escaped unscathed by snow.