OFD Announces Fall EMS Course Offerings

OSWEGO, NY – In addition to responding to calls for assistance, one of the many non-emergency functions the Oswego Fire Department offers is public education in Emergency Medical Services.

Through affiliations with the New York State Department of Health and the American Heart Association, the Oswego Fire Department is able to offer the following EMS Courses to the public:

CPR and First Aid

Course Length:
Heartsaver CPR – 3 hours
Healthcare Provider CPR – 4 hours
Heartsaver First Aid – 3 hours

Topics Covered:
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Rescue Breathing
Bleeding Control
Simple wound management

Appropriate For:
Heartsaver courses are appropriate for any adult or teenager. Healthcare Provider CPR is appropriate for all certified healthcare providers.

Certified First Responder

Course Length:
80 hours

Topics Covered:

Basic Anatomy
Rudimentary Patient Assessment
Airway Maintenance
CPR and Automated Defibrillation
Identification and Management of Medical Emergencies
Wound Care
Emergency Childbirth

Appropriate For:
Law Enforcement
Fire Service
Athletic Trainers/Coaches
Industrial Safety Personnel

Emergency Medical Technician

Course Length:
180 hours

Topics Covered:
Builds on all topics covered in CFR
plus … Anatomy and Physiology
More in-depth Patient Assessment
Treatment of many Medical Emergencies
Assisting Patients with limited, self-administered medications
Care of Head/Spinal Injuries
Traction Splinting
Newborn Resuscitation
Legal Issues in EMS and Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Appropriate For:
Minimal certification required for transporting EMS
Higher volume First Response Agencies
Hazardous Materials Response Teams
Technical Rescue Response Teams

Advanced EMT

Course Length:
280 hours

Topics Covered:
Builds on topics covered in EMT
plus … More in-depth aspects of patient interviewing
Human Development
Medication Administration for some acute emergencies
IV Therapy
Advanced Airway Placement

Appropriate for:
Non-transporting EMS agencies that are typically high volume or have long wait times for transporting units.

Critical Care Technician

Course Length:
100 hours in addition to the AEMT

Topics Covered:
Builds on the foundation of the AEMT
plus … Cardiac anatomy and physiology
Monitoring cardiac rhythms
12-lead EKGs
Diagnosing and treating cardiac emergencies
Additional medications for cardiac issues and other life-threatening conditions.
Endotracheal Intubation
Needle chest decompression

Appropriate for:
Minimum certification level for advanced life support agencies

Since achieving our affiliation with the Department of Health in 2006, the Oswego Fire Department has facilitated the EMS certification of 50 Critical Care Technicians (CCs) and more than 230 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Through an association with SUNY Oswego, we offer the EMT program every semester through the college catalog.

We also offer various programs at the East Side Fire Station on weekday evenings and weekends as we receive requests from both the EMS community and the public.

In addition to the SUNY Oswego EMT course, the fire department is offering the following courses for the fall semester 2014:

EMT Original:

This course will be conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning in late August and testing in December. Minimum class size required is 12 students. Tuition for students not affiliated with an agency that provides EMS to the public is $775.

EMT Challenge Refresher:

This course will be conducted with the Original. Due to the recent updates in curriculum, there will be four mandatory Saturday sessions at the beginning of the course followed by written and practical skills challenge exams to determine individual attendance requirements. Tuition for students not affiliated with an agency that provides EMS to the public is $425.

Certified First Responder:

This course will be conducted either on Monday and Wednesday evenings or weekends, depending upon a couple of variables. Students should indicate preference when submitting applications.  Minimum class size is 18 students. Tuition for students not affiliated with an agency that provides EMS to the public is $260.

CPR and First Aid courses are always available and are conducted on request.

If you are interested in certification in emergency medical care at any of these levels, or if you have any questions about our course offerings, you should contact Deputy Chief Dave Engle at 342-8727 or [email protected]