OFD: Drought Causes Increased Fire Risk

OSWEGO – Recent weather conditions have caused major concerns with the local water supply and have also increased the possibility of brush and grass fires.

Dried vegetation that is normally green this time of year has become a fire hazard and a perfect fuel for a brush fire.

The Oswego Fire Department has already responded to an increase in grass, brush, and mulch fires in recent weeks, and conditions continue to deteriorate as dry weather continues.

Earlier today (Aug. 4), a carelessly discarded cigarette likely caused a fire outside a local business causing damage to the structure.

“I strongly urge the residents and visitors of the city of Oswego to immediately stop outdoor burning until we are clear of this dangerous time. Last week, an ember from a small fire burning in a chiminea ignited a large grass fire behind a residence,” said Chief Jeff McCrobie. “Although small recreational fires are technically allowed under certain conditions, a stray ember can have catastrophic effects on public safety. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.”

With regard to water conservation, the chief asks that residents try to limit residential and commercial water usage.

At this time, the Gallagher Pool at Fort Ontario will remain open, however the water sprinkler parks will be shut down until further notice.

Please report any suspected water main or fire hydrant leaks to the Oswego DPW at (315) 342-4212.

There are many ways that residents can save water to lessen the impact of the drought.

Indoor Water Conservation Tips:

·        Repair dripping faucets.

·        Make sure homes are leak-free.

·        Take shorter showers.

·        Don’t let the water run while brushing teeth, or shaving.

·        Operate dishwashers only when they are full using “light wash” feature.

·        Start a compost pile as an alternate way to dispose of food waste.

·        Only operate laundry machines when they are full, or set the water level according to the size of your load.

·        When purchasing a new appliance, choose one that is energy and water efficient.

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips:

·        Reuse excess water to water lawn and garden.

·        Keep lawn and garden watering to a minimum and water in short sessions.

·        Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil.

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  1. I guess this means there isn’t any immediate reason to wash the fire trucks or the other city department vehicles as well?

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