OFD Pulls 6 From Breakwall

OFD crews rescue a person from the breakwall Wednesday evening. (OFD Photo)

OFD crews rescue a person from the breakwall Wednesday evening. (OFD Photo)

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Fire Department crews responded to the Oswego Harbor earlier this evening (Aug. 5) for people is distress on the breakwall.

OFD crews rescue a person from the breakwall Wednesday evening. (OFD Photo)
OFD crews rescue a person from the breakwall Wednesday evening. (Photo provided by Joe Falcetti)

What appeared to be a calm day in Oswego turned dangerous, as 6 people walking on the breakwall began to get struck by waves approximately 100 yards south of the lighthouse.

A witness on shore called 911, and emergency crews were dispatched at 4:41 p.m.

The Oswego Fire Department rescue boat, Marine One, was quickly under way and manned by personnel from the west side station.  Lt. George Bennett, the officer in charge of the rescue operation, stated that the “waves were crashing over the breakwall, and prevented 6 people from walking back to shore safely.”

Lt. Bennett stated that one person was thrown off the top part of the wall by a wave just as the rescue boat was approaching.

The man was not injured and was assisted onto the boat.

Rescuers help a person into the boat
Rescuers help a person into the boat

Five others were assisted to safety from the breakwall and brought to shore. By 4:52 p.m., the rescue operation was complete with all parties accounted for.

Lt. Bennett commended his crew, FF John Geraci and FF Melissa Hartle, on a job well done during the rescue.

The Oswego Fire Department reminds residents to be careful in and around the water, especially on the breakwall.

Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie said, “Weather conditions can change rapidly in Oswego, and people can get into trouble quickly without warning.  I’m happy our personnel were able to get to these people in a matter of minutes, or it could have been tragic.”

No injuries were reported, and all personnel were back in service by 5:30 p.m.


  1. nice to have someone there with a camera just few hundred yards away to take the pic… seriously who is out in that weather to take a pic

  2. There are no legitimate reasons for anyone to be on the break wall at any time. They are putting themselves and their rescuers in harm’s way!

  3. People wouldn’t stand on a cliff in high winds, but they go out to our breakwall…and why…’because it’s there!’

    I wonder how any of them would feel if their best friend (boyfriend, sister/brother) died in front of their eyes for the silliness of going on the wall??? I’ve lived in Oswego 46 years and never done the walk out there. Have I wanted to, well, sure. But I’ve seen the problems related to it, and with the ‘gaps’ in the wall, always worried I wouldn’t be able to jump across to the next stone…Just go to Fair Haven and walk on their pier…feels a lot the same, same lake, a LOT wider and maintained a bit better…

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