OFD Seeks To Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

OSWEGO, NY – Members of the Oswego Fire Department Firefighter Chris Stupp (front) and Firefighter Gary Clark shovel out fire hydrants Tuesday.

Fire Hydrants Clear
Fire Hydrants Clear

“With around 900 hydrants we are attempting to keep them all cleared out in the event of an emergency and in particular in anticipation of the upcoming storm,” said Fire Chief Jeffrey McCrobie.

The fire department has also received assistance from the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department’s weekend work program, in clearing snow from around the hydrants, the chief added.

“We would also like to thank the many residents of the city
who have taken extra efforts to clear out the hydrant in their neighborhood and we are attempting to get them all done,” McCrobie said.

Anyone who has a hydrant in their area that is buried with snow and need help clearing it out can call the department at 343-2161.

“And, again thank you for the extra effort,” the chief said.