OFD’s Fire Inspection Program, Safety Through Compliance

OSWEGO, NY – If you are a business owner or property manager in the city of Oswego, chances are you’ll be involved in a fire inspection soon.

In an effort to prevent fires and injuries, the Oswego Fire Department has streamlined its fire inspection program resulting in efficiency and ultimately, increased safety.

According to Oswego Fire Department Chief Jeff McCrobie, “We identified some opportunities with how we were conducting fire inspections, along with the follow-up process.”

The goal of a fire inspection is to make an occupancy safer for everyone; employees, patrons, and emergency responders, he added.

“We walk through the building, note deficiencies and work with the owner or manager to get the property up to code,” the chief explained.

The fire inspection process also provides valuable information regarding a property to firefighters should they respond to an emergency there.

The Oswego Fire Department uses the building intelligence gained during the inspection process to form pre-plans on target hazard occupancies.

“During a fire inspection, firefighters learn where the exits are, how to access the basement or roof, and where the utilities are located, making things safer and more efficient during an actual emergency,” McCrobie said.

The Fire Code of New York State and the Property Maintenance Code of New York State require that a local government must provide for fire safety and property maintenance inspections of all buildings that contain areas of public assembly.

The code also states that multiple dwellings and non-residential occupancies must be inspected.

The city of Oswego Charter states that public assembly occupancies will be inspected every 12 months, while any building or structure open to the public will be inspected every 24 months.

The inspection process is managed by Firefighter / CEO Chris Stupp, and the actual inspections are carried out by on-duty crews in between emergency calls.

“Our fire inspection manager will attempt to make contact with a business owner or property manager prior to the actual inspection to educate them on what we will be looking for,” McCrobie said.

Once the initial inspection is done, any findings are clearly communicated to the business owner or manager and a follow-up inspection is scheduled in about a month.

According to McCrobie, “Most findings” are easily fixable at little or no cost to the business or property owner. The most common violations found during the inspection process are combustibles stored too close to heating sources or the ceiling, blocked aisles or exits, and improper use of extension cords or power strips.

Other common findings involve fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, or exit signs.

Violations are documented and our personnel will work towards compliance with the business owner or manager, the chief said.

“The inspection process is progressing nicely, and through the cooperative efforts of business owners and property managers, Oswego is safer,” McCrobie said.

For more information, please contact the Oswego Fire Department at (315) 343-2161.

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