Off-Street Parking Ban Starts 1 A.M. Tuesday in Oswego

Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.

Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor William Barlow issued his first executive order Monday night.

Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.
Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.

The winter parking ban shall begin at 1 a.m. Tuesday (Jan. 12) on all streets in Oswego, the mayor proclaimed.

Barlow’s executive order supersedes the alternate side winter parking policy currently stated in the city charter.

Councilors scheduled a public hearing for Jan. 25 at 7:10 p.m. in the Council Chamber of City Hall in regards to the winter parking policy.

The council has indicated that members are in favor of the off street parking ban that was used for many winters in the Port City.

According to the policy favored by the council: “The mayor, at his discretion, may impose a winter parking ban commencing on or after December 1 and continuing through March 31. The mayor may suspend or remove the winter parking ban prior to March 31 at his discretion if winter conditions permit. During such time as the winter parking ban is imposed, the parking of any vehicle on all highways and streets shall be prohibited between the hours of 1 and 6 a.m.”

Barlow pointed out that the police department would hand out courtesy citations to offenders the first couple of nights. However, if the weather warrants it, the vehicles would have to be moved to allow the DPW to plow the streets, he added.

“There will be absolutely no parking on city streets. This ban is in effect from 1 to 6 a.m.,” he said. “During the day you can park anywhere you please; but from 1 to 6 a.m., all cars have to be off the streets. There will be municipal lots available for off-street parking.”

There are municipal lots for overnight parking on the west side at Breitbeck Park, Wright’s Landing, Flexo-wire site, and the West Cayuga and West First Street City lot.

For the east side, there are sites being explored currently; specifically, the former Price Chopper site on East Cayuga Street (between East Third and East Fourth).

City officials “will know about that one soon.”


  1. As a city resident, this saddens me. Alternate parking was the best solution: families have a place to park their second car and the plows have plenty of enough to get through.

  2. The streets were a mess with the off-street alternate parking during the winter months. In some cases travel was reduced to one lane, a dangerous situation for many streets. West Seventh Street from Utica Street to the hospital was a total disaster. the resultant mess on that street was a disaster for the residents and a dangerous situation for the emergency vehicles going to the hospital.

  3. I believe alternate parking day and night would have been the best solution for everyone involved. This works well in Syracuse and Rochester and it allows the city to plow one side of the street 24yrs a day instead of just 5 hrs at night. It also gives people who need parking a place to park at night. I do agree the streets have been a mess the past two years and changes had to be made but we don’t need an all night parking ban.

  4. How does alternate side parking work on a street that you can only park on 1 side of to begin with? The other side has posted signs all down stating no parking! So how would that work out?

  5. I am a tax-paying Homeowner in Oswego with one car and no driveway on the east side very close to Syracuse ave. I Guess I’m screwed into having to walk all the way across town to the old price chopper parking lot at 5am when I leave for work every morning in 0 degree weather or get a ticket, instead of just walking out front to whichever side of the road I needed to park on that night. Alternate side parking fixes this problem. It is consideration for all different situations of all of the citizens of Oswego, not just your own personal situation, that makes a decision like this sensible. In this case, that wasn’t done. Not the best way to start you run mayor.

  6. The only people commenting that it’s such a great idea are obviously the ones who have driveways with no consideration of the people who dont. Were the roads a bit messy, sure but when aren’t they in the winter around here. I didn’t think it was so terrible that we should force people with out driveways to walk to these designated parking lots who knows how many blocks from home. God forbid it be a single parent with an infint whom they can’t just drop at the door and go park 14 blocks from the house. Let’s have a little consideration for othere.

  7. His first executive order as mayor and Billy Barlow essentially targeted the poor population of Oswego that relies on rental properties, which quite often either do not have a drive way or reliable landlord-ordered snow removal. If you’re going to ban overnight parking on the streets of Oswego, then you need to make your city’s property owners follow higher standards, such as providing dependable and safe parking off the streets. I rent a house for a ridiculous amount of money every month on the East side and there is no reliable parking off the street in the winter months; and now you’re telling me that myself and my significant other might have to walk halfway to our respective work places in order to just reach our cars in the morning? The problem does not lie with the citizens, it inherently lies with the city itself and it’s unwillingness to force rental property owners to provide a positive standard of living to their tenants. Not to mention the absolutely awful job that the plows have done for the last few years. You can only blame parked cars for so long before the city has to accept responsibility for their streets and their street clearing methods, which are severely lacking in many different ways.

  8. The alternate parking was started for a reason, because there was proof that it was an only sulotion to an on going problem. To suddenly start it again while College is on break knowing that when the kids come back most of them are not going to know about it and there will be an outrageous amount of tickets issued the first night there back. This is not reasonable. And when you realize this and have to go back to alternating parking are you going to reimburse everyone that had to pay a ticket ? Also many people that live in the city have come to depend on this solution when there is no other at all. It’s a collage town with 3 or more people parking for one house some with no driveways, it’s just not doable!

  9. Funny somebody brought up Rochester….they don’t get Lake Effect. We do! Buffalo has no over night parking…they get Lake Effect. We never had over night parking until two years ago. Did you really think that disaster would stick?

  10. “Councilors scheduled a public hearing for Jan. 25 at 7:10 p.m. in the Council Chamber of City Hall in regards to the winter parking policy.”

    I’ll be there. People need a place to park. Suspending parking is an inconsiderate solution to basic municipal problem. Cars don’t just disappear between December and March.

  11. Absolutely no consideration for the off-campus students in the area. In case it wasn’t already made aware of, Oswego is a college town and these college kids are leasing houses each individually owning cars to get to and from school. This college keeps this town economically afloat with the spending we bring in and Oswego Is looking to make more profit by towing our cars. Alternative parking was the best solution. Poor decision made by a young inexperienced mayor.

  12. And where does this absurd “executive order” leave the 4,000+ SUNY commuter students?? Unfortunately for Oswego residents, this will affect the prosperity of this obviously financially strapped town. With 8,000+ students, the community obviously benefits from this addition income. This mayor is apparently inexperienced and ignorant. Alternate side of the street parking is the only feasible option. Why fix something that isn’t broken.

  13. The alternate parking has only been in effect for 2 years. No one is moving to Oswego except incoming freshmen. Everyone else knows that there has been no overnight parking in the winter for ever. So I ask why would any one rent a appt. or buy a house with out off street parking? I also want to know why the city will not allow people to park off street where ever possible as long as there not blocking the sidewalk and are on there own properly with out paying for some kind of permit. As soon as we went to alternate street parking, my rental neighbors 2 houses down that could park on an angle to park off street decided to park directly from my driveway and as the streets go narrower and narrower it was almost impossible to get out. On the opposite days they park in front of MY house so when the plow goes by they drop the snow in from of my driveway. I left a nice note one day explaining that I was handicapped and parking there was making things difficult for me. I received a nasty phone call and was told I had no right to tell anyone where to park ect… He then ask where should he park. I said in your drive way or the other approximately 100 feet of street parking available on our block. There are only 2 cars on our whole block that will not park in there drive way or in front of there own house so they have little snow to shovel. They enjoy watching a 53 year old handicapped woman whom purchased a home with off street parking trying to snow blow ( cannot shovel, my son does that) an extra mess or pay someone else to do it. The moral of my story….Probably most every one complaining about the “no parking ban” already knew about it 2 years ago, so shame on you for complaining about the Mayor. He didn’t make you rent that appt. or buy that home or give you crappy neighbors. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. I do agree however that the city needs to do more for its residents that need help finding parking and not let landlords rent without off street parking. Lets not give Oswego residents another reason to want to leave.

  14. How about the permits to post on side walk like many years ago issue stickers to who postures for the permit so your not parked illegal this would bring in money to the city, and that way the police would see the sticker and not ticket them..

  15. SUNY Oswego does not have classes between the hours of 1am and 6am. Commuter students will not have a problem parking during school hours. Those students who live in the city off campus will have to do what off campus students always did….park off the street.

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