Oh Really, Ms. LeClair?

To The Editor:
In a recent letter entitled “In His Own Words,” Louella LeClair questioned the use of truthful statements made by a friend of mine and your current Oswego County Legislator.


LeClair claims to have lowered taxes every year she was in office. Really! Fact is at the start of her tenure the county taxes to a resident in the city of Fulton were 3.44 per thousand…at the end of her tenure that rate was 7.56 per thousand.

Really! Looks like LeClair’s truthfulness should be checked a little better.

During LeClair’s tenure the county budget went up $15,000,000. Really!

LeClair voted YES on each and every budget during her tenure. Really!

Castiglia voted NO on his one budget.

During LeClair’s tenure the county general fund went down by $20,000,000. Really!

LeClair does know government she says. Really!  She voted YES to each and every budget that took money out of the general fund. Really! Now she didn’t tell you these things because she knows how government works. Really!

Frank voted NO on his budget that took $1.15 million out.

Oh, and Mr. Myers, no Frank can’t say he lowered taxes; but he didn’t say he did, but Louella LeClair did say she lowered taxes and she didn’t.

Even the generic tax rate went up from the time she started to the time she was voted out. Really! ($7.18 per thousand – start – $7.22 per thousand – voted out).

Louella LeClair claims that telling the taxpayers what the county is doing with their money in the media is called criticizing when in fact the only thing being criticized is the use of taxpayers money. Really!

Louella Leclair claims to know how government works and that is true. Really!

She has used her knowledge of how it works to get reimbursed up to $2,100 for going to meetings that she already gets paid for in her salary. Really!

She also knows how to vote herself a 3% raise during her tenure. Really!

Louella LeClair didn’t tell you these things again because she knows how government works. Really!

Louella LeClair claims that she won’t hurt the city of Fulton. Really!

She voted YES on flow  control when she was in office. That vote costs the city of Fulton up to $20,000 a year  in lost revenue from the sale of recyclables. Really!

Why didn’t Louella LeClair tell you the taxpayers about these things? Really!

She knows how government works.

Keith Briggs


  1. Oswego County tax rate $7.16 when Ms. LeClair entered office, $7.14 per thousand when she left office. Taxes might have gone up some for people in Fulton due to equalization rate which is controlled by assessed value, nothing to do with elected officials.

    PS I’m glad that people who haven’t lived in Fulton in many years

  2. Hit the wrong button on my phone, what I was saying was I’m glad that the person who wrote this letter, who hasn’t lived in Fulton or Oswego County for many years is so concerned with what’s going on in Fulton. it’s very admirable.

  3. generic tax rate went up also…and people in Fulton only care about their own tax rate…..and when a candidate claims something that isn’t true and the true facts are exposed it’s funny how someone will justify what happened. You claimed you like Ms. Leclair’s style…I guess you are fine with a misleading style and keep the voters in the dark style…nice job for a true politician. I myself like a style that tells me when they make a mistake and keeps me informed….

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