OHS Frosh Kick Off School Year

OSWEGO, NY – More than 300 incoming Oswego High School freshmen will breathe a little easier on Wednesday 9 when they arrive for the first day of classes.

On Sept. 3, the majority of the new first-year students visited, toured and ate at Oswego High School during the annual freshman orientation.

Looking over their schedules for the upcoming school year are Oswego High School freshmen Kayla Shafer, Deanna Santiago and Elizabeth Westcott.
Looking over their schedules for the upcoming school year are Oswego High School freshmen Kayla Shafer, Deanna Santiago and Elizabeth Westcott.

Assistant principal Susan Piasecki wasn’t surprised at the turnout.

She said, “We usually see the majority of our freshmen here and this is a great opportunity for them to become a little more comfortable with their new surroundings.”

Barb Wheeler, another OHS assistant principal, explained, “The students seem to enjoy this and it provides them and their parents a chance to see what the layout of the building is and allows us to answer any questions they may have in a less hectic setting than opening day.”

Students filled the hallways and the sparkling new cafeteria.

They asked questions of guidance counselors who greeted parents and students as they entered the Buccaneer Boulevard entrance.

Members of the student government were on hand to assist in answering the tough questions.

Throughout the hallways students were seeking out their assigned classrooms, trying to find friends that they had not seen during the summer,  were talking with teachers about the building and subjects or were just getting comfortable in the surroundings where they will be spending the next four years of their educational journey.

Meanwhile, in the cafeteria various school clubs vied for the attention and membership of the newest Oswego High School residents.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist flipped hamburgers and turned hot dogs on a huge grill while administrators and teachers mingled and talked with students and parents.

The superintendent was extremely excited about the event.

Wearing his red apron while standing at the grill he said, “This is a great event. It is important that students, parents, teachers, and administrators come together. This will assist our newest members of the Oswego High School community as the visit provides them with the opportunity to become better acquainted with staff members as well as being able to walk through an uncrowded school.”

Continuing he said, “I want parents and students to get off on the right foot and this provides that opportunity. I would like to thank all of the parents and students who came out tonight, but also I’d like to thank all of the staff, for coming together to assist our students.”

Like a father of a new baby, Food Service Director Dennis Jerome watched over the buffet in the surroundings of the beautiful renovated cafeteria.

The visitors enjoyed food which included a nutritious tossed salad, chips and hamburgers or hot dogs as well as ice cold water.

The first day of school is officially Sept. 9, but for the majority of the “Class of 2013” the first evening made a tremendous impression as they received their class schedules.