OHS NHS Induction Ceremony Stresses Commitment, Achievement & Leadership

OSWEGO, NY – “I am pleased and honored to be here to celebrate this special day for our newest inductees into the Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter,” said Oswego Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist.

Crist was addressing the newest members of the National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter in a recent ceremony in the Ralph M. Faust Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter welcomes newest members.
Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter welcomes newest members.

Families and friends joined the celebration along with Crist, Oswego High School Executive Principal Brian Hartwell and long time National Honor Society advisor Michael McCrobie. Also participating in the induction ceremony were Owl’s Head Chapter officers President Colin Morgan, Vice-President Meredith Moshier, Secretary Hayley Lukaczyk and Treasurer Jacqueline Hondro.

Addressing the inductees, Hartwell said, “I will look to you as student leaders in the coming year to assist with important decisions and positive changes that will affect you and your peers.”

Continuing she said, “As your principal, I am both honored and proud to congratulate you for your induction to the Oswego High School National Honor Society. I would like to thank you in advance for your commitment to excellence.”

The newest members of the National Honor Society includes Christina Abare, Jacob Anal, Nick Bonacorsi, Jaime Bouffard, Erin Chetney, Emily Cole, Joshua Costo, Nick Costo, Michael Crisafulli, Dave Culeton, Lisette Dufore, Brianna Favata, Jeremy Galvin, Jacob Getman, Tess Gordon, Alexa Healy, Carly Hewitt, Tor Jaskula, Travis Kearns, Courtney Kelly and Mackenzie King.

Also inducted were Dylan Lavner, Sarah Mancuso, Cody Mariano, Stefan Mazuroski, Liam McMahon, Dylan Morgia, Mackenzie Palmer, Gordon Pan, Cortnie Purce, Emilea Reiner, Jonah Restuccio, Stephen Richmond, Grant Richmond, Connor Riley, Deanna Santiago, Brandon Schultzkie, Sarah Stoebner, Leah Weiss, Catherine Wells and Tori Zerrahn.

Crist noted, “This celebration comes as no small task as you persevere to meet the rigors set by each of the National Honor Society pillars-Service, Leadership, Scholarship and Character. The pillars will provide a strong foundation, but won’t necessarily make your successes and goals any easier to achieve; rather, the fact that you’ve met the measure of each pillar helps define your path by knowing how complete and comprehensive your journey’s preparation and persistence must be.”

Crist stressed the words of professional basketball coach and motivational speaker Pat Reilly. He noted, “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

Hartwell stressed, “While this ceremony is to honor those students who have gone above and beyond in leadership, scholarship, character and service; this is not your finale. No, the certificates, medals and applause are merely the beginning. The commitment and character that you have demonstrated will serve you well as you continue your journey.”

The Superintendent of Schools concluded, “You’re being recognized and we’re celebrating your preparation and persistence toward meeting excellence with these pillars. You’ve made a bold statement about and for yourself through this distinction.”

In closing, Hartwell said, “Thank you for representing your family and the Oswego High School in such fine fashion. Once again, congratulations. You should be proud of yourselves.”