OHS Students Art Major Part Of Harborfest Promotion

OSWEGO, NY – The colorful posters, brochures, programs and trolley buttons for this year’s Oswego Harborfest are the direct result from a unique cooperative effort between the Oswego City School District and the annual event organization.

This year “Great Britain” theme was captured by four Oswego High School students as they worked diligently to earn selection of their pieces for this year’s  late July event.

Four Oswego High School students had their work selected=
Four Oswego High School students had their work selected for 2011 Harborfest promotional items. Harborfest Executive Director Tom VanSchaack proudly poses with the winning students and their work - Katherine Robinson (program cover), Rebecca Krass (trolley button), Justine Harrington (brochure cover) and Chrissy Abare (poster design). Joining the celebration are Oswego High School art teacher Melissa Martin and Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist.

Chrissy Abare, Justine Harrington, Katherine Robinson and Rebecca Krass created this year’s Harborfest designs for posters, brochure, program and trolley button.

Abare, a sophomore, said, “I spent about a month doing this and I am very excited.”

Her inspiration for the poster was the Beatles. She said, “I am very excited because last year I was in the top four, but this year I made it all the way.”

Art teacher Melissa Martin was once again very proud of her students and said, “I think it is great work and it is very professional at the highest level. This is a real life project; it is reality, what you would to do if you were working with a client”

Continuing she noted, “This was a difficult theme. You had Great Brittan and Oswego. Not necessarily an easy combination. There was plenty of web research and a lot of sketching before the successful end result which I am very proud of.”

Senior Harrington will see the results of her work appear on thousands of promotional brochures. She said, “It is an amazing honor. I used the London skyline as my inspiration and it took me about two weeks to complete this.”

Robinson, another senior, will see her work on the collectable program cover. She said, “I am really excited about this. I used Great Britain and Big Ben for inspiration.”

Trolleys are a major part of Harborfest and also of England.

OHS senior Krass noted, “I know the importance of the trolleys to Oswego and its celebration. I worked and actually think the button designed turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I am very happy that my design was selected.”

Harborfest Executive Director Tom VanSchaack said, “Part of Harborfest is for educational purposes and through bringing in the students and focusing on the cultural component it plays a role in what we are attempting to do in the community.”

In recognizing the work of the Oswego High School art students VanSchaack said, “It is outstanding to see them use their skills to create designs for us to use to promote Harborfest. Their quality of work is awesome. The technology and student skills are obviously quite different from when I was in at Oswego High 30 years ago. Their designs are unbelievable and we are proud to be able to use them for Harborfest.”

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist is quite proud of the students and their teacher.

He said, “I think the excitement we saw in the girls’ eyes know that their material they created was going to be produced and distributed on memorabilia and souvenirs and will be saved by people from across the country and Canada who attend Harborfest.”

Continuing he said, “This will be a fantastic memory for them and is the result of the hard work they did. Not only will they have the memory, but their names will be embossed on their designs on all publications and buttons.”

Crist stressed “The relationship with Harborfest is great and continuing to grow. I am glad that Harborfest includes our kids and families in part of this great community event.”

He also credited Martin for her efforts and said, “Melissa continues to impress as to what she is able to her students to do as this brings deserving recognition to the students and community as well as to Mrs. Martin.”

Harborfest is just a couple of months away, but already students in the Oswego City School District have found a way to make their presence known through the use of their imaginations and talent.