OHS Students Experience Construction Career Days

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego High School students learned of new and unique opportunities at a recent career day.

Guidance Counselor Barb Carroll said, “A group of OHS counselors recently took a several students to the Construction Career Day at the New York State Fairgrounds. Youth is vital to the construction industry. Today’s high school students represent the pool of workers from which the construction industry will recruit its future workforce.”

It was an eye-opening, interesting career day for many Oswego High School students who attended the Construction Career Day.
It was an eye-opening, interesting career day for many Oswego High School students who attended the Construction Career Day.

Construction Career Days exposed  high school students and adults to  rewarding and diverse careers in the  industry.

The events offered students a career option that they otherwise may not have been aware of.

Attending the event from Oswego were Jordan Attwood, Austin Batchelor, Matt Bornheimer, Robbie Bruce, Noah Byrne, Dylan Coleman, Josh Constanza, Amber Dawley, Dave Dorval, Henrie Conor, Tyler Henry, Austin Levine, Baeden Livesey, Thomas Montgomery, Collin Morrison, Jordan Perchway, Brittany Reed, Karina Richmond, Johanna Scruton, Zachary Shurtliff, Robert Swann, Katrina Tafler, Matthew Utter, Tyree Varner, Bill Volkomer, David Wallace, Kyle Webster and Zakery Winn.

The construction industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled workers.

If not  addressed, the shortage will increase, affecting quality, safety, and  industry’s overall ability to compete in building the infrastructure needed by an ever-growing population.

The construction industry does not enjoy a visible and positive image among youth.

Construction Career Days were designed to educate our youth about a friendlier and more professional industry that cares about them and their future.

Partnerships between industry, government, and education at the national, state and local levels are critical to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Construction Career Days were strongly based on partnerships of volunteers working together for youth, industry and community.

Career day partnerships reach beyond planning and conducting career days events.

These partnership also work towards  enhancing career technology education, developing curricula that better prepares students for careers in the industry and increasing the diversity of the construction industry workforce.