OHS Teacher Placed On Administrative Leave

OSWEGO – A math teacher at Oswego High School was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday.

The teacher reportedly got physical with a female student.

The incident was reported to Oswego Police Department and an investigation is under way, according to OPD Capt. Michael Beckwith.

No one, he said, has been arrested or charged.

In a statement to the media, Oswego City School District Clerk William Foley said, “A high school teacher is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.”

He wouldn’t identify the teacher or the reason he was placed on leave.

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  1. The article states, “…or the reason he was put on leave.” Does this mean the writer knows for certain that the math teacher is one of the only two (or three) math teachers in the high school? I wrote “or three” since the name of one teacher could be male or female. The majority of math teachers are female.

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