Old Man Winter Makes Driving Tricky Around County

OSWEGO, NY – Old Man Winter’s blustery return made things difficult for motorists – especially north and south of Oswego.

“We did get snow here (in Phoenix), which I am not a fan of,” said Jocelyn Cook. “I was so hoping we’d continue the neutral weather. Too much to wish for here, I guess!”

It wasn't a nice day to be on the roads Wednesday.
It wasn't a nice day to be on the roads Wednesday.

There were some problems for motorists along Route 481 North. In the Phoenix area, she noted.

A friend called into work because her car suddenly broke down on her way in, she said.

“It hasn’t had trouble before now. So, she thinks it just wasn’t ready for winter” Cook said.

Another friend told her most of the main roads in the area were OK, “but the side roads are awful. The main roads were better off just because they’ve had so many cars driving on them. The visibility in general around here seems to be decreasing,” she said Wednesday afternoon.

Others told her that people are moving slower and planning to take extra time if they’re traveling.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to more vehicles “off the road” calls Wednesday than on a dry day.

“Just some light intermittent snow with gusty winds.  Nothing we are not used to,” said Scriba resident John DeRousie. “No big deal here. It is snowing a bit more now, but not too bad.”

Late Wednesday afternoon Hannibal resident Harrison Wilde reported, “We probably have an inch or so.”

Down in the Brewerton area, Mark Ellis said it’s still coming down late in the afternoon.

“There’s probably 2-3 inches on the ground now,” he said.

Several more inches were reported throughout the afternoon.

Ellis was in Oswego Wednesday morning, then took 104 to Parish and then Route 81 home.

“Visibility was about a quarter mile. Route 81 was greasy; most folks were doing 50 mph or less,” he said. “I didn’t see anybody in the median or in the ditch!”

Shortly before 2 p.m. state police reported Interstate 81 southbound at exits 40 and 41, just north of the Oswego/Jefferson county line, was closed because of several accidents. The roadway was reopened at about 3 p.m.

Between 8 – 10 inches of snow was being reported in the Redfield area.

“That’s probably pretty close,” said Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. “Oswego got nowhere near that much. We received 1.5 inches, I guess.”

The high winds, blowing the snow all over during the day, have made it very difficult to get accurate readings, he explained.

The snow started around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday before petering out close to 5 p.m., he said.

“The winds have been brutal. The temperature started around 30 and has fallen into the 20s,” he said.

Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman was considering instituting the Winter Parking Ban in the Port City. He hasn’t done so yet.

“That may be my final official act. We’re still looking at forecasts,” he said. “Don’t want to institute it then lift it later. Once it’s on, that’s it until spring.”