OMS Top 50 Recognized For Academic Achievement

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Middle School Top 50 was recognized at the seventh annual “Top 50” dinner.

Once again the Oswego Sunrise Rotary Club, the Oswego City School District and Pathfinder Bank sponsored the special event to place the OMS students in the spotlight.

The Oswego Middle School Top 25 Eighth Graders
The Oswego Middle School Top 25 Eighth Graders

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist said, “Tonight is a celebration of months and years of determination, persistence, hard work, many times sacrifice, but hopefully lots of fun too…being inquisitive and motivated to learn are traits that I hope you continue to build upon throughout your educational calling.”

Crist continued, “Continued learning, exploration and high achievement are exciting summits that will afford you great qualities of your life.”

Assistant Middle School Principal Sean Fahey, representing Principal Bonnie Finnerty who was unable to attend, said, “Unfortunately, Mrs. Finnerty is out of town, but wishes she were here  to celebrate this very special occasion with each of you. On behalf of Mrs. Finnerty, the faculty and staff at the Oswego Middle School I extend to you a huge ‘Way to go!’ The accomplishment each of you has earned that resulted in your attending this special recognition dinner is extraordinary.”

The top 25 seventh and eighth graders each received a framed certificate which was presented by Superintendent Crist as Rotarian Mike Shea announced the name of each recipient.  Board of Education President Dave White and Sunrise Rotary President Carol Reed congratulated each member of this year’s “Top 50” class.

The Oswego Middle School Top 25 Seventh Graders
The Oswego Middle School Top 25 Seventh Graders

This year’s seventh grade top 25 included Brynn Adner, Ana Alcasid, Victoria Armet, Jenna Ballard, Trevor Bradshaw, Katie Bradshaw, Ayla Busch, Alexander Bush, Amber Cavellier, Alexis Daniels, Paige Daniels, Clare Donovan, Mark Forger, Alexander Haessig, Nicholas Hurlbutt, Evan James, Paige Kieper, Calista Lloyd, Roman Madlangbayan, Natasha Mezza, Kyra O’Gorman, Claire Richardson, Justin Semione, Kelly Skinner and Christopher Van Gorder.

Eighth graders recognized at the annual event were Sean Benjamin, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Alaina Celeste, Nora Culeton, Erin Delaney, Heather Eastman, Evan Ehsan, Zachary Gillard, Alexandra Henderson, Shea Hewitt, Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Mayraliz Lopez, Jordan McCauley, Reilly Patrick, Rachael Purtell, Nicholas Reiner, Connor Sheffield, Brenna Sherman, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Kara Weiss, Nikolas Whiteside and Vanessa Wiltsie.

Rotarians believe that this is an important event and expanded on the program.

The “Top 100” is conducted each year for the students of the Oswego High School.

The members of the Sunrise Rotary wanted to recognize the academic achievements of Oswego’s seventh and eighth graders.

Among the Sunrise Rotary members in attendance were President Carol Reed, Secretary Donald Todd, Treasurer and event chair Cynthia Tascarella, Mike Shea and Bill Symons. Representing the board of education were board member Tom DeCastro and Board President White.

Fahey, addressing the students, exclaimed, “You earned this. We all know that the journey has not been easy. You earned a top 25 spot in your class through hard work, dedication, sacrifice and with the support of people that care a great deal about you. You continue to make us proud. Work hard, dream big and don’t let life’s hurdles get in the way of your dreams.”

Crist closed by saying, “Once again, to this impressive group of young scholars…to our new class of the ‘Top 50’…congratulations of your academic ability and fantastic achievements. Continue your pursuits of academic excellence and enjoy your life’s accomplishments throughout the journey. Great job and keep up the great work.”