Only In Oswego County!

To The Editor:
Only in Oswego County will you see a department hire a person to direct a department (Fleet Management) that doesn’t exist.

Only in Oswego County will you see a department hire a person (director of Fleet Management) to replace someone (Highway Supervisor) four months before that person retires and then when that person isn’t going to retire still plan on hiring the other person.

Only in Oswego County will you see the union biding process bypassed so blatantly by creating a position in a managerial (OCPA – grade – 50) union, and hiring from the outside.

Sounds and smells fishy to me.

How about you?

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

This hire will only costs the taxpayers $31,000 more (for four months work) out of this year’s budget and an added $57,000 + in next year’s budget.

This week, at the Finance and Personal committee meeting at 2 p.m. in conference room “E” of the County Office Building, they will be voting to accept or reject this resolution being asked for by the Highway Department.

If you feel that this shouldn’t happen and you see this before the meeting on Tuesday, please call these legislators that are on that committee.(if you see it after this date, still call these legislators and let them know your feelings and ask how they voted).

James Weatherup – chairman – District 9 -Central Square – R
John Martino – vice chairman – District 6 -Central Square – R
Daniel Farfaglia – District 24 – Fulton,Minetto – D
David Holst – District 4 – Williamstown – R
Linda Lockwood – Distrist 11 – Fulton,Volney – R
Patrick Twiss – District 13 – Oswego – R
Stephen Walpole – District 14 – Oswego – R

The telephone numbers of these legislators are available on the Oswego County website, Oswego County Government Directory or by calling the Clerk of the Legislature Mr. Chris Jones at 315-349-8230.

Or, call me!

Frank Castiglia Jr. – 315-593-8637 – District 25 – Fulton – D
It’s your money and your county.

Frank Castiglia Jr. – D – District 25
315-593-8637 or 315-414-7008


  1. How about the fact that yet again today (7/30) I saw an Oswego County dump truck operator on 104 in Mexico around 7:15 am on his cell phone while driving a dump truck. Funny law enforcement and fire claim they have “special training” and are “protecting” our privacy as they drive around and chat with family and friends. If there is such special training offer it to everyone to help improve driver safety. If there isn’t then maybe law enforcement should be ticketing county employees as well for driving while on their phone. A dump truck will kill or injure just as many if not more people as a car when either driver is distracted. I’ve seen this everywhere in Oswego county and even during the winter from snowplow drivers. Oswego County is pretty hypocritical with a lot of things union or not. I wish you good luck in correcting it.

  2. Good point jane. It never ends. The legislators make the laws. What burns me up is the fact shawn doyle can continue like nothing ever happened. If it was us . we would be stripped of everything until court ruled a verdict. They protect each other. It goes on and on. Never will change

  3. No coment

    Frank and the gang wont say a word about this case with shawn doyle and young boy. They are quick to jump on the band wagon over any matter that comes up. Where is franks two cents worth on shawn doyle. County fair is coming up and is our legislator shawn doyle going to be around children?. Something is wrong .

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