OPD Expanded Quality of Life Initiative Set

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Police Department will be promoting an “Expanded Quality of Life Initiative” to help bring the peaceful community back into our neighborhoods this fall.

City and college officials will continue their partnership to educate the student population on societal norms and community expectations, while placing a strong emphasis on consequences for disruptive or irresponsible actions both on-campus and off.

“Expanded Quality of Life Patrols” will focus on quelling neighborhood disturbances in aneffort to help create a peaceful neighborhood atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

“Expanded Quality of Life Patrols” will also bededicated to actively addressing the underlying problems such as underage / excessive drinking, illegal parties, noise violations and the general disruptive behavior that has been the focus of recent community conversation.

The city and SUNY Oswego have worked together over the past several years to impress upon students and neighbors that living together in the same neighborhood requires understanding and respect regarding the differences in lifestyles and patterns of activity between students and their neighbors.

The majority of students who live and work in Oswego understand this principle.

Those who create disturbances will continue to be addressed both in the city and at the college.

According to Oswego Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire, “I have high expectations regarding this effort and I am grateful to have the support of both the city and the college in this initiative.”