OPD Offers Halloween Safety Tips

OSWEGO, NY – Halloween is a very exciting time of the year for children of all ages.

To help ensure a safe and happy Halloween, the Oswego City Police Department wishes to share the following safety tips with you.

Safe Costumes:

Plan a costume that is bright or add reflective tape to costumes or goodie bags so they are more visible.

Consider using facial make-up instead of masks to prevent them from blocking your child’s sight.

Make sure the material that the costume is made of is flame resistant.

Costumes should be loose so warmer clothes can be worn underneath.

Be sure that the accessories with your child’s costume are safe and easy for them to handle as they walk through neighborhoods.

Plan on bringing a flashlight…it’s a safe addition to any costume.

While Out and About:

Children should always be accompanied by an adult or responsible older teen.

Plan a trick or treat route so everyone knows where he or she are going (especially the younger children).

Have a start time and a return time.

Explain 911 and make a safety plan if you get separated.

Only go to lighted porches and never enter a stranger’s house.

Walk on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. If a sidewalk is not available walk to the left side of the road facing traffic.

Only cross at crosswalks and never cross between cars. Drivers won’t see you coming.

Never assume that motorists see you walking in the road or crossing streets. Be very aware of them as they drive toward you.

Drivers who are operating motor vehicles during the trick-or-treating hours should be cautious of children who may act unpredictably because they are excited or distracted.

When trick-or-treaters arrive home with their goodies, please take time to check each treat to make certain that they are safe. Discard any unwrapped, suspicious or apparently spoiled items.

According to Police Chief Tory DeCaire, “We will have additional police details out on Halloween evening and night and we ask that if you see something, say something.  If you experience or witness any suspicious activity please notify us immediately by calling 911 or our front desk at 343-1212 to speak with an officer. We at the Oswego Police Department wish you and your children a happy and safe Halloween.”