Open Container Ordinance NOT Lifted On Water Street This Harborfest

OSWEGO, NY – The city’s Open Container Ordinance will NOT be lifted on Water Street during this year’s Harborfest celebration.

The city of Oswego has, in the past, allowed Water Street area businesses to block off Water Street and lift the Open Container Ordinance provided that adequate security and facilities were provided, according to Captain Tory DeCaire of the Oswego Police Department.

This year, the area businesses have elected not to participate.

“As such, the street will remain open, people won’t be allowed to congregate in the roadway and the Open Container Ordinance will be in effect and strictly enforced,” he said.


  1. I think this is ridiculous. This city claims that they want tourism but they shut it down at every turn. Make up your minds do you want tourism or not?

  2. Getting drunk on Water Street is tourism? PLEASE !! I am so glad for this! Keep the Gang Bangers in Syracuse and Watertown. What GREAT news !! Water street is more trouble than anything. The people spending money in town are long gone by midnight.

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