Open Letter From SBS Car Owner Terry Solazzo

A Very Huge Thank You to the Safety Crew

I have been going to the Oswego Speedway since early 1970, when my big brother took me to my first International classic. I could count on two hands the number of regular shows I have missed and I have never missed a Classic. I have seen it happen time and time again when the safety crew is called to the track to help someone in need. Whether it be a driver on the track, a crew member in the pits or a fan in the stands, these guys are called upon and they respond. It has been said many times that they are the best in the business and on Saturday, September 5th, I saw this up close and personal.

After our win with Mike Bond in the SBS Classic, during the celebration in victory lane, Mike’s father-in-law, Don Flack, suffered a heart attack and died in victory lane. I was the first one to him and immediately started screaming for a medic. Once again, the safety crew responded. The response was instant as it took about 10 seconds for the first member to arrive and begin to administer first aide. We were soon asked to leave the area by Speedway Security, who had moved in to secure the area to let the safety crew work.

Before leaving the track, I stopped by the pace truck to see Mike and his wife Debbie, who were going to follow the ambulance to the Oswego hospital. Mike asked me to take the car through tech and get everything loaded in the trailer. I just wanted to curl up and die myself, as I did not think the outcome of what I witnessed was going to be good. About 90 minutes later, after coming out of tech, we received the word that Don was in the Oswego Hospital, in stable condition and breathing on his own.

This past Saturday, I visited Don at St Joseph’s Hospital and was in awe at what I saw. He looked great – just as if nothing had happened at all. Words cannot describe my feelings for these brave men we call “The Safety Crew.” They were called upon, responded and saved a life.

Thank You,
Terry Solazzo
Owner SBS # 25/26