Operation Northern Comfort – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

FULTON, NY – Retired grocer Dick Bonanno recently spoke to the Fulton Rotary Club about Operation Northern Comfort.

For several  years, a group of retired friends throughout Central New York traveled to New Orleans to assist in the rebuilding of that city.

Judy Young and Richard Bonanno
Judy Young and Richard Bonanno

After some years of trekking to New Orleans, they realized that there were projects that needed to be done in CNY.

Their organization takes a philosophy of neighbor helping neighbor.

They have worked on and continue to support the Chadwick house in Syracuse, Case Mansion Home for Vets in Auburn, and the Brady Faith Center in Syracuse.

They help with cleanups and refurbishing of spaces suitable for living.

They also locally work with Arise to help build ramps at residences for people who would otherwise not be able to leave their homes because they are wheelchair bound.

To help support the organization attendance at the Crawfish Festival in Syracuse or attend their first golf tournament, which will be called the Salt Potato Open.

Program chair Judy Young introduced Bonanno to the Rotary club.

The Rotarians also supported Operation Northern Comfort with a donation.