Operation Oswego County Awarded ‘Best in Class’ for Upstate Energy Jobs Website, Video

OSWEGO – Operation Oswego County, Oswego County’s designated economic development organization, was recently awarded “best in class” for the Upstate Energy Jobs (UEJ) website by the New York State Economic Development Council’s (NYSEDC) at its 2016 marketing and promotional materials award competition.

The UEJ website (www.upstateenergyjobs.com) is the hub of our efforts regarding the retention of nuclear power in the upstate region, as well as a platform for advocacy for Governor Cuomo’s clean energy standard (CES).

OOC was also awarded “best in class” for the Upstate Energy Jobs video which illustrates what closing a nuclear power plant looks like.

The video was created during the initial formation of the Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition, a group of more than 160 Upstate New York elected officials, business leaders, members of organized labor, economic development organizations and community leaders.

The website and video were created by Eric Mower & Associates with assistance from the County of Oswego IDA.

OOC also received the rank of “honorable mention” for its electronic newsletter, “OOC E-News.”  The “OOC E-News” has become a valuable tool to report important information about current economic development activity to our constituents and to direct potential business customers to our website to learn about the resources and assets of our county.

“The NYSEDC marketing and promotional materials award competition recognizes the best and most effective publications in the economic development field in New York State.  We are proud that our marketing materials have met the test of our economic development colleagues,” said L. Michael Treadwell, CEcD, OOC executive director.

The recognitions are awarded each year to NYSEDC member organizations throughout New York State who produce printed materials and internet media to promote economic development in their areas.

OOC has won several awards in past years for the effectiveness and quality of its advertising and promotional materials from NYSEDC and other regional and national professional economic development organizations.

For more information about economic development services in Oswego County, call OOC at 343-1545 or visit www.oswegocounty.org