Operation Oswego County Presents Award To Dr. Padma Ram

OSWEGO – At its annual meeting in June, Operation Oswego County presented its 2018 Dee Heckethorn Entrepreneur Award to Dr. Padma Ram.

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Dr. Padma Ram cited

The award is in recognition and appreciation of exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and dedication to fostering the growth and development of Dr. Padma Ram Medical Services, LLC, an internal medicine practice that is composed of a primary care practice and an urgent care facility located in the City of Oswego; for having over 37 years in medical practice; for starting her business in 2000 and in 2013 doing a major expansion by acquiring a 26,000 sf building; for growing employment by 95 percent to 35 jobs; for serving a combined 17,000 patients in 2017; for being recognized for a SBA Small Business Excellence Award in 2018; and for her vision, commitment and focus on delivering quality health care services and operating a very successful business in Oswego County.

From left, Sarah Stauring, billing/coding, PRL, Melissa Treasure, billing/coding, Dr. Arce, L. Michael Treadwell, OOC executive director, Barbara Bateman, OOC board president, Dr. Padma Ram, Sunil Ram, VP, Dr. Padma Ram Medical Services, LLC, Bruce Pecorella, PA, Dr. Padma Ram Medical Services, LLC, Katrina Bonnie, RNP, Dr. Padma Ram Medical Services, LLC, and Cary Rookey, Admistrator, Dr. Padma Ram Medical Services, LLC.