Oswego 2020 Plan Gets Feedback

The deadline for submitting the Community Survey for the new City of Oswego 2020 Plan is fast approaching on June 15, 2010. “Community members who want to have an impact on where Oswego is headed for the future should submit their surveys now,” according to 2020 Plan Steering Committee Co-Chair, Don Unger. Community surveys may be submitted on-line at http://www.oswegony.org/2020VisionPlan.

In August 2003, the City of Oswego Common Council adopted the City of Oswego 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan, formulating eight categories of policies and goals to guide Oswego’s future growth. These eight categories are Regional Partnerships, Community Resources & Education, Neighborhoods, Leisure and Culture, Local Commerce and Tourism, Main Street/Downtown and Natural Resources.

The goals for the 2020 plan came from citizen input at 4 public meetings and several stakeholder meetings with business owners, students, neighborhood groups and industry as well as over 515 citizen surveys. A downtown charette, where citizen groups were paired with a professional architect, identified areas of concern and walked through the four areas to investigate opportunities and threats to the areas. Design ideas were sketched on neighborhood maps to cultivate the ideas and land use design expressed in the citizens ideas.

In 2010 the City of Oswego secured grant funding through the New York State Office of Community Renewal to revisit the original 2020 plan and provide a midterm correction. Many of the goals of the original City of Oswego 2020 Vision Plan have been achieved, while other items are lagging or have not been addressed. With over 200 implementation items posed in the original plan, it isn’t surprising that many goals have yet to be achieved. At this 10 year juncture, the City of Oswego needs to answer the question of whether the same priorities exist, or if the implementation item doesn’t have the same support that it did in 2001.

On May 14th the City launched a new effort for Citizen feedback on the City of Oswego 2020 Vision Plan. Thus far the City of Oswego has received 560 surveys. June 15 is the deadline for citizens’ surveys to be submitted. What is most important for the future of Oswego’s development will be refined down to the key policy areas once again.

People who care about the future of the City of Oswego may go on line to complete the Oswego 2020 Community Survey at http://www.oswegony.org/2020VisionPlan/
Paper copies of the survey are also available by calling the Oswego Community Development Office at 343-3795 or stop by at the Community Development Office, 3rd floor of the Conway Municipal Center (former Post Office), 20 West Oneida Street, Oswego, NY. For more information contact the Community Development Office at 343-3795.