Oswego 6th Ward Councilor Seeks 2nd Term

Ron Tesoriero
Ron Tesoriero

OSWEGO – The Port City’s Sixth Ward Councilor is seeking a second term.

Oswego native Ron Tesoriero sat down recently with Oswego County Today to announce his re-election bid.

Ron Tesoriero
Ron Tesoriero

The city is going in the right direction, he said, adding that he wants to keep the momentum going in his ward and the entire city.

“There is still work to be done, don’t get me wrong,” he said. “We’ve got a lot accomplished recently and we want to keep going.”

First elected in 2017, Tesoriero said it takes a year to learn and then you are able to start getting things done.

The election process starts earlier now; he said explaining why he announced his re-election bid in early February. Primary elections will be held June 25; the general election on Nov. 5.

“My goal is to oversee some of the projects that we have on the books and see them through to finish,” he said. “I want to keep the promises I made to my constituents and keep moving forward. I want to improve the ward, make it as good as we can. That’s my first priority. Responding to the needs of Sixth Ward residents, that’s at the top of the list for me.”

Some of his other goals in a second term include: increasing the tax base, retaining senior citizens and youth.

“Another goal of mine is to retain seniors, to be able to stay in their homes as long as they possibly can,” he said. “And, hopefully be able to retain our youths with some jobs that are fulfilling enough. That’s also important. Our greatest resource is our children.”

“Us, as a city, are doing a better job taking care of our structures; the roads are in good shape, we have a paving plan in place,” he continued. “I have some park enhancements coming up this year which are going to be nice. We’re going to have the first handicap accessible park in the city of Oswego. I’m very proud of that
We’ve built a good team, under the leadership of (Council) president (Rob) Corradino and vice president (Kevin) Hill. We’ve had good continuity. We don’t always agree all the time but we figure it out and get things done. We get things done.”

In the next term, he’d get another budget to get things done.

“Then, if I’m successful, then you can concentrate on more stuff. We as a city are growing, getting more business to ease the tax burden, we had the first tax relief in many, many years and didn’t tax away from surplus or reduce services and we lowered the sewer rates,” he said.

The city has to repurpose itself; it has to find where it’s going, the councilor pointed out.

“The days of what it used to be are gone, we have to evolve and change. We have to think ahead and think about where we’re gong in the next 10 years or more and plot a course,” he said. “I think Mayor (Billy) Barlow is an aggressive young mayor that sees this. He’s involved in this city. He’s lived here his whole life and knows that we have to change with the times and I’m glad to be a part of that. It’s been exciting. I love the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to work with him and the current council.”

He hopes to complete more paving and sidewalk repairs this year and add stop signs to slow down traffic in some areas that he thinks are dangerous, especially in both park areas.

He’d also like to see more trees in the parks and neighborhoods.

“We have got areas where we can plant them that they won’t interfere with sewer lines like some have in the past,” he said.

The previous council set up some things that the current council has been able to fulfill, he said.

“You have to give them credit.
We want to do what the mayor said (in his State of the City address) – keep the momentum going. I think we have a good start, we had a great year last year and have a good year going now,” he said. “We’re going to have a better year. I think everyone’s going to be pleasantly surprised at what we can do this year.”

Another tax reduction isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, he said.

“We’re turning the corner. It’s given people some hope that costs are going to go down, our services are up and we’ve done it with less people,” he said. “All the departments are working well, with less people, working well together. We’re very proud of that.”