Oswego Alliance Congregation Meets to Discuss Ways to Serve the Community

Pastor Wade Smith and the congregation of the Oswego Alliance Church wants to serve and impact their neighbors by being a part of the solution to the many challenges Oswego faces as a community.

Pastor Smith is in the process of hosting several weekly meeting to discuss with his congregation the vision statement of the church and the steps that can be made to attain that vision.

Beginning September 27 and continuing for four weeks, different segments of the congregation have been meeting after the second Sunday morning service, while having a covered dish luncheon. Some of the topics discussed were Angelfood Ministries, which is a reduced cost food plan available to the public, as well as serving at the Salvation Army. Plans for future programs such as marriage retreats or enrichment, an after school program, college and nursing home outreach and a community garden on the church grounds were topics that were examined.

The Oswego Alliance church is located on Thompson Road and services on Sunday morning are at 8:15 and 10:45 a.m., Sunday school begins at 9:30.

If you have any questions concerning Angelfood Ministries or the church please call the office at 342-5493 or visit the website www.oswegoalliance.org