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September 20, 2018

Oswego AmeriCorps Takes ‘Monster’ Bite Out Of Hunger

AmeriCorps member Christian Grimes stands with 38 bags of donated food.

AmeriCorps member Christian Grimes stands with 38 bags of donated food.

OSWEGO – Hunger is a “monster” problem and AmeriCorps member Christian Grimes, decided to do something about it.

Creating food drive boxes that resembled giant monsters, he tried conveying how monstrous a problem hunger is.

Each box was placed at various locations in the Pulaski and Richland areas.

These monsters, with big FEED ME signs, served to attract enough attention to collect 38 bags of non-perishable food items.

All items were donated to the Rural and Migrant Ministry of Oswego County which is located at 15 Stewart St., Richland.

Along with their food pantry, the Rural and Migrant Ministry also offers health and wellness education, a bi-monthly women’s social group and primary health care for individuals without medical insurance.

For further information, call (315) 298-1154.

AmeriCorps members, like Christian, who work during the summer have 300 hours that they must finish within their term.

As a part of their commitment, members must complete a community service project before their term expires.

Christian chose to do a food drive as his project because food donations are prominent during holidays, but scarcer the rest of the year.

The need for food exists not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

So, remember, donations are always needed and appreciated.

Donate to your local food pantry so that you too can take a “monster” bite out of hunger.

One Response “Oswego AmeriCorps Takes ‘Monster’ Bite Out Of Hunger”

  1. Catherine Wheeler
    August 7, 2018 at 7:57 am

    It’s great to see someone take an interest in the well being of others especially a young person. The creative way he used to attract attention to the issue drew a lot of attention. I added items to the box but all too often you don’t hear anything more about the results. Great job Christian. I would love to see more positive news like this.

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